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      Sybai Deer Dubbing Natural

      Dubbing from 100% natural and coarse roe deer. Excellent material for tying nymphs, dry flies or scrubs.

      Salmo Supreme

      Improved version of well known and very popular dubbing made as a blend of Angel Hair, fine flash fibers and

      Salmo Supreme Dubbing Box

      Improved version of well known and very popular dubbing made as a blend of Angel Hair, fine flash fibers and

      Sybai 3D Epoxy Eyes

      These eyes are perfect for streamers and freshwater and saltwater predators. Self adhesive but recommend you use additional glue or

      Sybai Angel Hair

      Very fine Mylar® synthetic hair with 6″ to 8″ strands that is packaged in hanks. It doesn’t absorb water, so large

      Sybai Braided Tubing 2m

      This unique braided mono line is designed to be spliced directly to your fly line with bonding glue for a

      Sybai Colour Wires

      Wire for the smallest flies or streamers. Soft and nice to work with. The wire is wound on wooden spools

      Sybai Fine Back and Wing Foil

      Fine translucent sheet. Perfect for backs, bodies, wings, shellbacks (carapaces) on crustaceans and other parts. This material will greatly increase

      Sybai Fine Flashback

      Flashback Sheet is fantastic for flashbacks, this changes its colour as the light hits it from different angles. it is

      Sybai Fine Mirage

      The flash that shifts and adapts to its surroundings like real bait fish. Contains approximately 1500 strands, 0,25 mm wide

      Sybai Fine Trilobal Wing Hair

      Fiber length 120mm max. Fine premium winging material used on almost every style of flies. Excellent for tail and bodies

      Sybai Flashback

      These very thin colored leaves are fantastic to tie;scuds backs, making insect  wings, etc. Depending on the light, the shades


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