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Sybai Deer Dubbing Natural

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Dubbing from 100% natural and coarse roe deer. Excellent material for tying nymphs, dry flies or scrubs.

Sybai Flat Colour Wire

Colour wire in ultrafine, ultrafine wide, medium, medium wide

Sybai Salmo Supreme

Improved version of well known and very popular dubbing made as a blend of Angel Hair, fine flash fibers and trilobal fibres.

Sybai Salmo Supreme Dubbing Box


Sybai 3D Epoxy Eyes

These eyes are perfect for streamers and freshwater and saltwater predators. Self adhesive but recommend you use additional glue or adhesive.

Sybai Angel Hair

Very fine Mylar® synthetic hair with 6" to 8" strands that is packaged in hanks. It doesn't absorb water, so large flies don't get heavier.

Sybai Braided Tubing 2m

This unique braided mono line is designed to be spliced directly to your fly line with bonding glue for a

Sybai Colour Wires

Wire for the smallest flies or streamers. Soft and nice to work with. The wire is wound on wooden spools turned - standard size - perfect for working in the bobbin.

Sybai Fine Back and Wing Foil

Fine translucent sheet. Perfect for backs, bodies, wings, shellbacks (carapaces) on crustaceans and other parts. This material will greatly increase

Sybai Fine Flashback

Flashback Sheet is fantastic for flashbacks, this changes its colour as the light hits it from different angles. it is 0.03mm in thickness and each sheet is 100 x145mm in size.

Sybai Fine Mirage

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The flash that shifts and adapts to its surroundings like real bait fish. Contains approximately 1500 strands, 0,25 mm wide

Sybai Fine Trilobal Wing Hair

Fiber length 120mm max. Fine premium winging material used on almost every style of flies. Excellent for tail and bodies as well.

Sybai Flashback

These very thin colored leaves are fantastic to tie;scuds backs, making insect  wings, etc. Depending on the light, the shades

Sybai Flat Tinsel


Flat Tinsel 0.4 mm

Essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patterns.  Its shine makes the fly more attractive.

Sybai Flexi Floss 1mm

Flexi-floss is an excellent stretchable floss with all the qualities of rubber. This material is ideal when forming bodies and legs on any type of fly.

Sybai French Leaders 4X

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Blue Sky Diameter 0.20 – 0.32 mm Test Strength3.50 kg Lenght 1200 cm

Sybai Lite Brite Dubbing

Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, and wet

Sybai Lite Brite Dubbing Box – Mix Colours

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Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, and

Sybai Magic Pearl Strips

Improved version of the Pearl Strips with opalizing effect. Superb for ribbing of Salmon flies and other freshwater and saltwater

Sybai Mirage Braidback

A new version of a braided back with a stronger pearlrscent shine for scuds, shrimp and midges also can be

Sybai New Sparkle Hair

New sparkle hairs are mixture of twisted and flat tinsel hairs, there are metal and pearlescent and holographic fibers.

Sybai Nymph Dubbing

Special dubbing for tying nymphs. Mix of natural dubbings and long black guard hairs.

Sybai Plastic Beads

These beads made from quality plastic are ideal for adding a hothead on everything from nymphs to lures. They serve

Sybai SLF Dubbing

SLF Standard dubbing is tremendously popular and widely used for its unique translucence and lifelike sparkle. Broad color range invites