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Airflo Airlite V2 13ft 8/9 Fly Rod

The Airlite V2 has been built with premium graphite blanks that deliver maximum durability, strength and light weight for effortless casting. The super smooth and powerful action gives you full control when casting, allowing you to achieve exceptional distance.

Balzer Shirasu Pike Collector Shad

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he Balzer Shirasu MK Pike Collector Shad is the new powerful alternative to one of the most successful pike lures of all time, the Pike Collector.

Dennett Bait Elastic

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Hold your soft baits onto your hook with a few turns of bait elastic.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Flash-A-Boo Rigs

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Flash-A-Boo 3 hook rigs hook sizes 2 to cover Mackerel.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Luminous Eel Rigs

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Luminous Eel with red feather rigs hook sizes 3/0 to cover Mackerel and Pollack

Dennett Saltwater Pro Super Sprat Sea Lure

Super Sprat is a deadly lure for estuary fishing. Shad, Sea Trout, Bass and Mackerel are all targeted with success

Hostagevalley Shad Lures

The Hostagevalley Shad  impresses with their breathtaking design and individual running shape.

Hostagevalley Troubletail Soft Lures

The Troubletail is the new product from Hostagevalley Lures. The main difference between this bait and most softbaits on the market is how it runs.

Jenzi Combo Tele Pike 3.00m 50-90g

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Speci World target fish rods Equipped with a ball-bearing reel from the Speci LT series

Kali Kunnan Box 24 Rig Winders

Box with 24 Rig Winders rack terminals of diameter 65 mm Inside the Rig Winders are trapped in a stand in EVA therefore remain Fixed without rolling and cause annoying tangles.

Kinetic Pike Leaders 5 pack

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Sabiki Makk Tube

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Glowing tubes and bead are the most used rig attractors. Good tubes are vital for your fishing and with this one rigging will be easy.

Kinetic Steel Trace & Crimps

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Kinetic Steel Trace delivers the performance and strength you demand. 35lbs 10m Black. Great for leaders, lures, and trolling.

Kinetic Treble Hooks

Strong and reliable, the Kinetic Treble Hooks are constructed of strong high-carbon steel for exceptional durability, so you can fish with complete confidence.

Mepps Comet Decore

The Mepps "par excellence" for all fish in all waters. The Comet Decore is a marvellous lure, precisely engineered to start spinning smoothly the instant it enters the water.

Mikado Crayfish Rak

An ultra realistic cray fish imitation, one of perch and zander’s favourites. Thanks to elastic feet and pinchers, the lure

Mikado FS Wolfram Leaders

Tungsten Lithanium leaders consists of broad selection of lengths and durability that may become handy for any angler during predator angling. 100% sharp-teeth-resistant material.

Mikado M-Shad Lures

M-SHAD lure behaves disturbingly similar to a real fish. Available in PIKE, PERCH and ROACH, they will exceed the expectations of the most demanding spinning anglers.

Mikado Pilker Lure

Lures designed in particular to angle in the Baltic sea. Their unique pendulum action combined with wide variety of coatings guarantees effectiveness. A perfect pilker for angling in various seasons.

Mikado Saira Lures

What makes the Saira so successful is the ribbed body. It also possesses a cut underside, so it can be fished with an offset hook.

Mikado Sensual Offset Big Eye Hooks

An incredibly strong, sharp offset hook. The large ring makes it easy to use with a cheburashka as additional weight. 5 pcs per pack

Mikado Sicario Pike Tail Lures

Thanks to the success of the Sicarios, we decided to introduce a model with a carefully profiled twister tail that will attract attention in the water and be really effective for sleepy predators.

Pro Hunter Power Metal Jig

 Sea fishing lures. Metal jig lure.
Attractive colours and finish with excellent shape and design for long distance casting
Suitable for spinning or jigging for Mackeral Sea-Trout Bass Pollock fishing.

Sakura Sodium Eel


The Sodium Eel is a ready-to-fish soft lure that perfectly imitates a popular bass prey: the Sandeel. It is well known that this small fish is a favorite prey for all marine predators on the Atlantic coast and we have designed the Sodium Eel using these parameters.