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      Behr Trendex Landing Net Handles

      Behr Net Handles.  Telescopic landing net handles with metal threaded cap. Roughened handle butts for grip. Universal fit.

      Kilty Feather Lures

      Kilty Mackerel, Cod and Pollock Feathers. This popular mackerel pattern is mostly fished at depth . As with other Kilty Feathers holographic flashabou has been tied into each feather.

      Mikado River Flow Salmon 290 c.w. 10-60 g

      River Flow Salmon is our answer to all the needs of Sea Trout and Salmon anglers. That strong, half-parabolic, fitted with Seaguide components rod, provides comfort of angling with 6-10 cm wobblers and safe hauling of large fish in a flowing water.

      Mikado Rod Stand

      Wide range of aluminium and steel telescopic rod rests. Extremely important to provide immediate reaction for each bite. Handy for bait fishing.

      Mikado SENSUAL N.G. ULTRA LIGHT SPIN 240 / 5-25 g

      Medium Light Spin are rods made to meet all the expectations of their users. Those fast poles are perfectly balanced, sensitive, light and strong at the same time. Mixed with medium sized spinning lures they make a perfect tool for predator angling.

      Reuben Heaton Bucktail Flying C 12 & 17gram

      Basically a Flying C where the silicone tail has been replaced by a tying of Bucktail hair. This lure is a cross between a traditional spinning pattern and a large salmon fly such as a Waddington or tube fly. Fitted with nickel silver blades as standard. Polished brass and copper blades fitted to order.

      Reuben Heaton Flying C’s

       3.90 4.00
      One of the most prolific of salmon and sea trout baits, as well as an all round bait for other predator fishing. Available in a wide range of weights and colours, with combinations suitable for most water conditions. In addition to the range of silicone colours, different blade colour combinations are also available. When ordering Flying C’s simply add blade and body colour to basic Flying C code e.g. FC/010 Black/Gold

      Shamrock Mackerel Bashers

      A well proven rig does what it says on the pack and more. Great fished off boats, rocks and piers. 5 hooks 2/0 Mainline 50lb Snoods 30lb

      Shamrock Tackle Mardi Grais Rig

      Made with only the finest material and the strongest hooks on the market, you know you’re going to fish with confidence! These guys will pull up even the biggest Wrasse! Hook Size:1 Mainline: 30lb Snoods: 25lb

      Traper Grayling Landing Net

      A very light and handy landing net with an aluminum frame and a cork handle. A soft, perlon net with great depth, perfectly protects the fish from falling out. We recommend this landing net to fly fishermen, competing players and for everyday recreational fishing.  DIMENSIONS: 50 X 40 X 40 cm

      CDC Mosley MayFly

      Dry mayfly lake flies, a great catcher during the trout season on Irish Loughs.

      Dry Duck Fly

      The Duckfly is a buzzer, a member of the chironomid family. He is a decent size, varying between a #12 to #14 so when there are any numbers of them it is worth the trout's while feeding on them. ... Wets come into their own when during a hatch the trout come right up to the surface and target the flies that are emerging


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