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Allcock Premium Barbed Snap Tackle

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Premium quality snap tackle, two barbed trebles of same size with a wire trace and end swivel for easy attachment.

Behr Trendex Landing Net Handles

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Behr Net Handles.  Telescopic landing net handles with metal threaded cap. Roughened handle butts for grip. Universal fit.

Dennett Snap Tackle

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Dennett Snap tackle 40cm long. With 30lb coated multi strand stainless steel trace complete with two crimped strong barbed treble hooks.

Kilty Feather Lures

Kilty Mackerel, Cod and Pollock Feathers. This popular mackerel pattern is mostly fished at depth . As with other Kilty Feathers holographic flashabou has been tied into each feather.

Kinetic Brutalis FD Reel

The Kinetic Brutalis has striking looks, durable design and a silky-smooth drag. Sturdy graphite body and rotor is tough without adding weight. Thick aluminum bail wire design prevents bending. Aircraft-grade aluminum handle with soft touch knob. Four stainless steel ball bearing system with instant anti-reverse.

Kinetic Hellcat Baitcast 201-LH Reel

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Our Kinetic Hellcat baitcast reel is compact and packed with lightweight features, including our all-aluminum recurve handle and sturdy graphite frame. Its 4-bearing (3+1) system with instant anti-reverse teams with easy-to-use magnetic braking to assure smooth performance all around, day in and day out.

Mikado River Flow Salmon 290 c.w. 10-60 g

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River Flow Salmon is our answer to all the needs of Sea Trout and Salmon anglers. That strong, half-parabolic, fitted with Seaguide components rod, provides comfort of angling with 6-10 cm wobblers and safe hauling of large fish in a flowing water.

Mikado Shinju 4004 FD Reel

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Versatile spinning, float and bottom angling reels. Fitted with a thrust bearing, precise front drag and perfectly fitted elements with flawlessly balanced rotor provide quiet and smooth action.  
Model Ratio Capacity Weight Bearings
KDA045-4004FD 5.5:1 0.35mm/210m 287gr 4

Mivardi Active Reel

These reels offer superior reliability and quality at the lowest price level. At this price level the reels really offer

Mivardi Gamma Reel

A developed free spool reel with a light and compact graphite body. It is fitted with seven ball bearings for

Mivardi Turbo FD Reel

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These high-speed reels were developed to be utlised by match and float anglers. Thanks to their 6.2:1 gear ratio and

Reuben Heaton Flying C’s

One of the most prolific of salmon and sea trout baits, as well as an all round bait for other predator fishing. Available in a wide range of weights and colours, with combinations suitable for most water conditions. In addition to the range of silicone colours, different blade colour combinations are also available. When ordering Flying C’s simply add blade and body colour to basic Flying C code e.g. FC/010 Black/Gold

Shamrock Tackle Kilmore Killers Rig

Once again, this rig is one of the products which put Shamrock firmly on the Fishing Map! The luminous body has been made slightly translucent to allow the feathers to show through which reflects more life, like a bait fish. Really superb for Cod, Ling, Haddock, Pollock, Coalies, and even the bigger fish, Conger, Huss etc. Hook Size: 1/0 Main Line: 30lb Snoods: 25lb

SPRO Power Catcher 4000 2+1BB Reel

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  • Capacity:            200m/0.22mm
  • Gear Ratio:       5.2:1
  • Model:                4000
  • Weight:              399g

Traper Blast Fly Reel 3/5

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Solid, multi disc drag made of stainless steel. It has got modern, durable die-cast aluminium body. Modern look was achieved by dense arrangement spokes. It is equipped with large, anti slip drag knob. The spool is removable and secured with a resistance ratchet.
  • Scratch proof surface.
  • Aluminium body.
  • Hard Plastic Knob.
  • Multi disc drag.
  • Openwork construction.
  • Quick spool change.
  • Neoprene case.

Airflo Switch Black Cassette Fly Fishing Reels

Introduced in 2014, the Switch Black offers incredible value for money. Built to the same design as the Switch Pro,

Airflo V2 Reel

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Airflo V3/4 B-R160g 82mm 27mm WF4 +50yds Mantis Green

Baetis Carrete Salmon Spey

High-tech reel made of aluminum, designed for salmon fishing. Large Arbor spool Spool extraction by button. Micro-adjustable disc brake. Neoprene

Baetis Cassette Reel B300 2

Reel of the prestigious brand Baetis®, with two sizes available. 5/7 Model is special for fishing in the river and

Baetis E Series Black Reel

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Fly resistant reel with micro adjustable disc brake. Very economical. BAETIS E-PLUS SERIES BLACK 7-8 REEL: Weight: 183.7gr Inside diameter

Baetis Esva Reel 5/6 Weight

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Aluminum reel with Large Arbor coil and micro-adjustable brake   REEL 5/6 Weight: 138.5 gr Inner diameter: 5.2 cm Outside

Baetis Nymphmatic Reel

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Semi-automatic aluminum reel. Microperforated design, reducing the weight considerably without affecting its performance. Interior mechanisms made of anodized aluminum. Spool

Baetis Piles Reel

Economical fly reel Protected brake system Very precise micrometric brake When we remove the coil the plug does not fall

Baetis Ultralite Reels

Ultralite Reels with reduced body to lessen the weight to the minimum. Disk brake Large Arbor spool Ultralite 80 –