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      Ritz Fly Rod


      The perfect rod for anyone starting out euro-nymphing or looking to start out. From a young angler getting into fishing or someone looking to give euro-nymphing a try and get a rod kit that will get them started without breaking the bank.The Ritz rod comes in two weight options from a 10foot 2 weight to a 10foot 3 weight. A soft to medium action rod, perfect for all styles of euro nymphing. These rods can be used for dry fly & dry dropper set ups also with the correct line weight to match the rod.

      The Ritz rod comes with a spare tip section included in the price.

      The Ritz rod come without a rod tube. Rod tubes in stock shortly.

      All Ritz fly rods are 10foot long.

      54 Dean St Cottarelli Hackle Twister Tool

      The HACKLES TWISTING TOOL by Cottarelli is an economic and functional tool, through which you can obtain small tufts of

      Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Lines

      WF7/8 – sink 3 in dark green/ aqua green WF7/8 – sink 7 in black/ grey Airflo Sixth sense fly

      Badger Spider

      Wet Trout flies resemble an insect under the water surface. They can imitate dead flies or aquatic insects or even an

      Baetis Carrete Salmon Spey

       195.00 205.00
      High-tech reel made of aluminum, designed for salmon fishing. Large Arbor spool Spool extraction by button. Micro-adjustable disc brake. Neoprene

      Baetis Competition Line 0.55mm

      Competition line, especially for nymph with a diameter of 0.55 mm, a length of 30 m and a weight of

      Baetis E Series Black Reel

      Fly resistant reel with micro adjustable disc brake. Very economical. BAETIS E-PLUS SERIES BLACK 7-8 REEL: Weight: 183.7gr Inside diameter

      Baetis Strike Indicator 1/4inch

      You might now these as Thingamabobber. Ideal for bunging on stillwater and rivers. Available in Pink.

      Baetis XL Light Reel

      Reel of the prestigious brand Baetis®, aluminum with fully adjustable watertight disc brake. 5.5 cm wide axis spool. Innovative microperforated

      Blue & Silver

      Wet Flies are generally tied with a soft pulled back hackle. Best fished perhaps in slow pools or large rivers, the figure of eight retrieve is commonly used with wet flies.

      Brown Muddler Head Minkie

      A great pattern for pulling at any depth. Specially during winter months for stocked fish

      Flyfishing World by Lubos Roza (English version)

      Newly published beautiful expert book by one of the best competitive fly fishermen in the world today – Lubos Roza.


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