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Basshunter Chubbo Stik Lures

Basshunter Lures are handmade with some serious science behind two main aims; to make flawless lures as naturally as possible and to provide colours wanted by anglers that are not available in other soft plastic brand. Salt & Aniseed Scented.

Basshunter Sinko Worm Lures

Basshunter Lures are handmade with some serious science behind two main aims; to make flawless lures as naturally as possible and to provide colours wanted by anglers that are not available in other soft plastic brand

Ilba Linus #1

ILBA Linus is a fishing spoon with a particular fish shape, suitable for both spinning and trolling, in fresh water.

Kinetic Baitholder Single Hook

The hook is the last link between success and failure. We have selected some really good hooks for you. Japanese

Kinetic Long Shank Single Hook

  • A classic well proven long shank hook. Loved by anglers all over the world and feared by most fish.
    • Japanese design
    • Chemical sharpened
    • Extreme needle point
    • Perfect stiffness
    • Anti-corrosion treatment


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The JAWS angling mat for measuring of large fish up to 130 cm of length and 30 cm of width. Made of a sturdy fabric with an aluminium angle that facilitates measuring process. Rollable construction with a spare Velcro makes transport and storage easier.

Mepps Black Fury

Very rich decoration which recreates the visual stimuli of the most taken preys : crickets, grasshoppers, frogs, aquatic and terrestrial larvae and minnows imitating colours.

Mikado Bixlite Light Spin 214cm 2-11g

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Mikado Bixlight Light Spin was designed for perch and trout fishing. A sensitive and effective blank. Bixlite Light Spin was

Mikado Dreamline 8 Braided Line

Dream Line braided line is a technologically advanced, 8-carrier line made of micro-fibres with dense structure. Its slippery coating, impressive durability and increased abrasion resistance will surely get appreciated by the most demanding anglers.

Mikado Jaws Tungsten Leaders

Basic steel leader made of 7 micro-strands, closed in durable coating. Top-quality components, clamps protected with a silicone coating and insane durability are advantages that make this product stand out significantly.


Mikado´s Sea Set Simple Boom Rig 0,60 mm, systems for creating sea sets armed with 2 hooks.
  • Diameter (mm): 0,60

Piscari Premium Two Tone Flying C

These flying C's are made with top quality components for exceptional angling.  They are handmade by our team with the utmost attention to detail.  They come in two styles Outside/Inside and Head/Tail.

Piscari Saltwater Fly Lines

After a lot of research and testing we are delighted to introduce our saltwater lines made with premium material to make them durable and also gives a smooth cast. They come with loops on both ends.

SPRO Ctec Pannet Net

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Ultra soft 6mm mesh pan net, ideal to help land those small white fish... 50x40x30cm.

Traper Fly Spinner

The Traper Fly Spinner is an excellent predatory lure that has a specially designed blade that creates more vibration to

Behr Fishing Bag Medium

Medium – featuring  segregated main compartment / separate front pouch and two button down front pockets. 38.1 X 12.8 X

Dennett Fluo Lumi Beads

  • Fluo-colour rubber beads
  • Place one of them over the hook eye or add more beads on the rig close to the hook, for better fish attraction
  • Suitable for all types of fishing
  • 100 per pack
  • size 6mm
  • Available in Black, Yellow & Orange

Gamakatsu LS 5123N Hooks

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Razor-sharp hook, suitable for pike-perch, asp, perch and other predators. (You can pinch the common barbs on the hook stem

Jarvis Walker Crusader FD Spin Reel

Jarvis Walker Crusader reels offer anglers mid to large sizes in an affordable spin reel that comes spooled with line and ready to fish. The graphite body is lightweight-yet-tough and is matched with a graphite rotor.

Mikado Angry Crayfish Lures

CRAY FISH - a series of non-traditional rubber lures in the shape of a crayfish, extremely effective in waters where there are crayfish or mussels 3 pcs per pack Various types available

Mikado Lead Sea Spider

Professional surf casting weights with a shape that allows distant casts, equipped with opening whiskers that anchor the rig to the bottom and do not allow it to be moved by sea tides. The whiskers fold when the set is pulled out.

Mikado Speedo Lures

This lure, like the Nihonto, also possesses a ribbed body, it is however slimmer and has a longer tail section, so while it is not as aggressive, the action is really natural. During testing especially the smaller size proved to be a real winner with perch.

Mikado Tungsten Jaws

Top-class Tungsten Jaws dedicated to articulated rigging of soft lures. The greater weight of tungsten allows us to achieve greater distances when casting, and when fishing.