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The JAWS angling mat for measuring of large fish up to 130 cm of length and 30 cm of width. Made of a sturdy fabric with an aluminium angle that facilitates measuring process. Rollable construction with a spare Velcro makes transport and storage easier.

Mikado Crayfish Rak

An ultra realistic cray fish imitation, one of perch and zander’s favourites. Thanks to elastic feet and pinchers, the lure

Mikado Pilker Lure

Lures designed in particular to angle in the Baltic sea. Their unique pendulum action combined with wide variety of coatings guarantees effectiveness. A perfect pilker for angling in various seasons.


Mikado´s Sea Set Simple Boom Rig 0,60 mm, systems for creating sea sets armed with 2 hooks.
  • Diameter (mm): 0,60

Piscari Premium Two Tone Flying C

These flying C's are made with top quality components for exceptional angling.  They are handmade by our team with the utmost attention to detail.  They come in two styles Outside/Inside and Head/Tail.

Sakura Sodium Eel


The Sodium Eel is a ready-to-fish soft lure that perfectly imitates a popular bass prey: the Sandeel. It is well known that this small fish is a favorite prey for all marine predators on the Atlantic coast and we have designed the Sodium Eel using these parameters.

Sakura Sodium Texshad

Sodium Tex'Shad is an evolution of our Tex'Shad which is widely used in all the boxes of experienced bass fishermen. Combined with a jig head specifically designed to match the body shape of the Sodium Shad, this combo features an imitative silhouette and a very mimetic stroke.

Spro Powercatcher Minnow 65

Slow Floating and with a diving depth of up to 1m. This classic minnow shaped lure is well balanced with a short swimming lip.

Westin Sandy Inline Yellow Ayu

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Sandy Inline is designed for coastal saltwater fishing when sea trout are patrolling the reefs, sea bass are feeding in the surf, and other saltwater species are searching for prey.

Westin ShadTeez Slim

This slim and slender lure is sure to have your target fish drooling with its enticing wriggling action that is incredibly effective at many different retrieve speeds.

Kinetic Coastliner Mix

A superb mix with some of the most popular colours, models and weights available. With this kit you have different

Kinetic Humpy Dumpy 35g

A classic tail bait with a lot of potential. Incredibly easy to fish – you just need to cast out, then fish the lure in a steady retrieve. Try adding some occasional stops and vary your speed to trigger feeding from wary predators.

Mikado Fishunter Pencil Wobblers

They attract predators by creating strong hydro acoustic wave, special colour, sound of metal balls. Fish Hunter wobblers are produced from especially hardened foam. Designed by spinning professionals, tested in all European waters.

Mikado Floating Cavalier Wobblers

Cavalier is a four-centimetre-long wobbler with a very aggressive and well transferred to the rod, action; it sinks down to two meters deep. Will work great for pike, perch, trout, chub and ide. F-floating / aggressive | Length (mm) : 40 | Weight (g) : 3.6 | Diving (m) : 2

Mikado Twist Wobblers

Twist is a tiny twitching wobbler. Its buoyancy allows to „suspend it” in the water during lure reeling. It shows its advantages best when used with jerking technique - by luring predators with light-reflexes and short jerks away form the centreline. S-sinking / medium | Length (mm) : 42 | Weight (g) : 2.8

Rublex Ondex Spinners

Very light spinner with broad- angle and dense spinning movement, suitable for fishing in shallow water or on the water-grass


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Great pulling lure at various depths. With mixed retrieves

Olive Lure

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Great pulling lure at various depths. With mixed retrieves