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      Allcock Premium Barbed Snap Tackle

      Premium quality snap tackle, two barbed trebles of same size with a wire trace and end swivel for easy attachment.

      Dennett Snap Tackle

      Dennett Snap tackle 40cm long. With 30lb coated multi strand stainless steel trace complete with two crimped strong barbed treble hooks.

      Shamrock Mackerel Bashers

      A well proven rig does what it says on the pack and more. Great fished off boats, rocks and piers. 5 hooks 2/0 Mainline 50lb Snoods 30lb

      Traper GST Bi-Colour Indicator

      Japanese, competition line with very high parameters. It is characterized by extraordinary softness and stretchiness, which ensures a safe and successful haul. Very clear, cut off transitions between the two fluo colors - yellow and pink - make the line perfectly visible regardless of the light and the weather. Perfect for the string method.

      Piscari Knotless Tapered Leaders.

      Piscari-fly knot-less tapered leaders. Ideal for your dry fly and dry-dropper set ups on rivers and lakes. These leaders are

      Piscari Knotted Dry Fly Leader

      A lot of anglers use the popular brands of nymphing leaders and they are very successful on them, but for

      Rio Powerflex Plus Trout Leaders 2 pack

      POWERFLEX PLUS TROUT LEADERS   Incredible strength to diameter ratio Soft material for high knot strength High-performance taper   RIO’s

      Rio Powerflex Trout Tapered Leader

      The Best-Selling, Most Reliable Trout Leaders In The World. Aggressive high-performance taper Long, powerful butt section with soft, flexible tippet

      Rio Scandi Kit

      The RIO Scandi kit is a ready-to-go Scandinavian style shooting head system that includes a floating RIO Scandi head with

      Rio Spey Versileader 10′

      These are designed for the spey angler and are tapered for better performance. They have a strong nylon core in

      Soldarini Camou Leader

       5.30 5.50
      Tapered Camou Leader (0.50 mm butt section). For nymphs and dry flies Length: 12 ft. (3,65 m) Multicolored (black, green,

      Soldarini Classic Tapered Leader

       5.50 5.80
      Soldarini Classic Extra-strong invisible Tapered Leader with ceramic power technology. Stocked in 9ft and 12ft variations. Diameter Variants (mm): 0.12mm


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