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Maxima Knotless Tapered Leader

Two types of MAXIMA monofilament line with two distinct properties are fused into one to create the perfect leader for fly fishing.The suppleness of Maxima’s Ultragreen on the tippet section allows the fly to move naturally and appear real on the water.

Piscari Leader Rig Foam Spools

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These hard wearing foam spools are ideal for making up leaders & casts before heading out on the water. Foam spool is 69mm in diameter.10 per pack.

Soldarini Bicolour Competition Tapered Leaders

Bicolour Tapered Leader For nymphs and dry flies Length: 12ft & 15ft Multicolour (orange/yellow) No Stretch No Memory  

Spanish style Nymphing leader

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Spanish style nymphing leader .25 in diameter and 4.7 meters/ 15 foot long. 1 meter indicator section