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Skafar Spiral Indicator Mix

Spiral indicator for Nymph Fishing. Floats superbly, high visibility, ideal for French nymphing and long line micronymphs. Made by Mirko

Soldarini Camou Line

Original price was: €10.50.Current price is: €9.50.
Soldarini's Camou Line is the perfect monofilament to tie your own leaders. Due to its low stretch, high resistance and a total memory absence there'll be no curls in the leader anymore and you have a more direct connection to your fly.

Soldarini Microspiral Indicator

New nymph leader where colors are marked every 5-8 cm of orange-yellow fluorescent colors.  Leader is totally memory free.

Soldarini Two Tone Indicator Line

Latest generation two toned monofilament, designed to be used as strike indicator and great for all nymph fishing techniques.

Stonfo Interchangeable Line Marker

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Interchangeable line marker ideal for trout fishing in torrents. Colors: yellow and fluorescent orange. Size 3 10mm