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      Hends Microchenille Cactus 1mm

      Hends Microchenille Cactus 1 mm. Hends Microchenille is a very fine chenille, just 1 mm wide. Best to use for

      Hends BL 550

      Hends BL550 Barbless Fly Hooks. Curved light hooks perfect for nymphs, pupae and emerger fly patterns. Features:   – Curved shank

      Hends Brass Cone heads

      Brass Cone Heads are an important part of streamers. It gives weight and colour to the streamer.   Packs of

      Hends Coloured Wire 0.14

      Colored wires are very useful when tying many fly patterns. It can be used for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies

      Hends Gleamy Dubbing

      A fine synthetic dubbing. Can be used as a substitute instead of seals fur dubbing. Good for use as sparkle in wet flies.

      Hends Krystal Flash

      Twisted strands with a sparkle which can be used for tails wings and bodies.

      Hends Magic Tools Clip

       2.40 10.00
      `Hends Magic Tool Clip is made and developed to help tiers to work more easily with CDC and fur. The

      Hends Neon Hair

      Used on almost every style of flies. Soft with great moving action. Excellent material for wings, tails and bodies.  

      Hends Peacock Dubbing

      This is ideal as a durable substitute for natural peacock.

      Hends Rainbow Chenille

      Translucent chenille with the rainbow reflections. Dazzling body material spun on thread core. Big, bushy chenille that provides a brilliant

      Hends Tinsel Chenille

      The Tinsel Chenille has a wide range of uses for tying many different patterns. Smaller diameters can be used for

      Hends UV Neon Thread

      A great quality single strand thread in fluorescent color designed for creating various fly effects as coloured bodies, tops, heads or ribbing.  


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