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Veniard Patagonian Hare’s Feet

The harsh climate of Patagonia requires very long and coarse hair. Therefore, the fur of the Patagonian hare is an outstanding dubbing material for tying nymphs, wet and dry flies. Furthermore, due to its length, it can also be used for making dubbing loops that will definitely lead to superb results.  

Piscari Hare Fur Patch

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Our natural hare fur is a great product for flytying.

Piscari Mix Zonker Pack

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A mix of Rabbit, Hare, Squirrel & Mink Zonker strips. Approx 20+ pieces in each bag. Each strip is approx

Piscari Natural Hare Mask

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Anyone who ties flies will have used hare fur. The mask offers lots of hair in slightly different shades.