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      Bead Mat Extra Large

      The silicone bead pad with dimpled surface which will keep your beads or hooks from rolling or sliding away. On

      Devaux Parachute Fly Tool

      A great piece of equipment from Devaux to help with making Parachute Flies.

      Hends 550 Klinkhammer Hook

      The 550 Klinkhammer is a modern emerger hook for tying very effective patterns – for example Klinkhammer dry flies or

      Hends EZ Body Tubing

      Hends EZ Body Tubing is 5mm in diameter and great for making streamer bodies etc. I also use this material to make Sand Eel patterns for Sea Bass fishing,

      Hends Microchenille Cactus 1mm

      Hends Microchenille Cactus 1 mm. Hends Microchenille is a very fine chenille, just 1 mm wide. Best to use for

      Piscari Ceramic Bobbin Holder

      This top quality bobbin holder has a full length ceramic tube saving your thread from accidental snapping. An all round fabulous tool.

      Piscari Elite Bobbin Holder

      A top quality Bobbin Holder which will enable you to work with ease.

      Piscari Knotted Pheasant Tails

      Perfect Natural knotted Pheasant tails. Used for hoppers, Dabblers and other emerger flys on lakes and Bank venues. Among other

      Piscari Lavender Tungsten Beads

       3.00 3.20
      Slotted Colored Tungsten Beads  are easy to use for a wide range of hooks. Because tungsten is almost 2 times heavy than lead and 4 times heavy than brass,  the flies  tied with tungsten beads will go very fast in the feeding area where the fish are.

      Piscari Pearl White Tungsten Beads

       2.70 3.20
      Quality Anodised Beads in packs of 25, slotted and countersunk available in a Pearl White

      SMHAEN Master Dubbing Twister

      The SMHAEN Master dubbing twister is the only dubbing twister in the world with a 100% dubbing loop control system. This


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