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      Devaux Bobbin Threader – Passe Fil

      This tool will allow you to easily pass the mounting thread through the tube of the spool holder.

      Hends Fish Heads

      Transparent Fish Heads are ultralight fish heads used on freshwater / saltwater streamer patterns. Realistic head profile made of strong

      Mikado ABM 313 Rig Box

      Medium-sized boxes made of durable transparent plastic. Designed to store a set of accessories for one particular method of fishing. Usually transported and stored in fishing bags or bigger boxes. They are equipped with movable compartments, which allows to rearrange the space according to your needs. Can be adjusted separately to each single wobbler or spoon. Mostly used by anglers to segregate spinning lures. Also recommended for storage of lead olives, floats or swivels.

      Mikado Electronic Weighing Scales – 40kg

      The Electronic Fishing Scale from Mikado can weigh fish up to a maximum of 40kg. It features an On/Off Switch, a Unit button to change the weight and clear button

      Piscari Elite Bobbin Holder

      A top quality Bobbin Holder which will enable you to work with ease.

      Soldarini Wormstasy Chenille

      Wormstasy Chenille is the perfect material for tying extremely effective worm imitations. This light chenille material will move very temptingly

      Piscari Bead Heads

      Packs of 25 Bead heads ideal for lures and streamers. Vibrant colours.

      Sybai Deer Dubbing Natural

      Dubbing from 100% natural and coarse roe deer. Excellent material for tying nymphs, dry flies or scrubs.

      Devaux Ceramic Spool Holder 2

      Spool holder with ceramic tip that does not hurt the thread when winding. Ideal for fine mounting silks and floss silks.

      Devaux Knotted Pheasant Tail Legs – Insectes Nouees

      Knotted pheasant tail legs. used for lake fly and duck fly patterns. Easy to tie in to your fly body

      Devaux Nickel Ceramic Spool Holder 1

      Devaux® Nickel Ceramic Spool Holder 1 with ceramic tip that does not harm the thread when winding. Ideal for fine rig lines

      Devaux Nickel Ceramic Spool Holder 2

      The Devaux® Porte Bobine 2 spool holder  is a fundamental tool in fly tying because it is essential to maintain a gentle


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