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      Behr Trendex Landing Net Handles

      Behr Net Handles.  Telescopic landing net handles with metal threaded cap. Roughened handle butts for grip. Universal fit.

      Devaux DVX 400 Zip Waders

      The Devaux® DVX 400 Zip Wader is very comfortable due to its construction and material. It is entirely made of high quality

      Mikado ABM 313 Rig Box

      Medium-sized boxes made of durable transparent plastic. Designed to store a set of accessories for one particular method of fishing. Usually transported and stored in fishing bags or bigger boxes. They are equipped with movable compartments, which allows to rearrange the space according to your needs. Can be adjusted separately to each single wobbler or spoon. Mostly used by anglers to segregate spinning lures. Also recommended for storage of lead olives, floats or swivels.

      Mikado Electronic Weighing Scales – 40kg

      The Electronic Fishing Scale from Mikado can weigh fish up to a maximum of 40kg. It features an On/Off Switch, a Unit button to change the weight and clear button

      Reuben Heaton Flying C’s

       3.90 4.00
      One of the most prolific of salmon and sea trout baits, as well as an all round bait for other predator fishing. Available in a wide range of weights and colours, with combinations suitable for most water conditions. In addition to the range of silicone colours, different blade colour combinations are also available. When ordering Flying C’s simply add blade and body colour to basic Flying C code e.g. FC/010 Black/Gold

      Rio Flyline Backing

      Rio Products traditional Dacron® braided backing features high strength and low stretch and is unsurpassed in quality. A good compromise

      Traper Accessory Lanyard

      The lanyard made of braided waterproof fabric. It has a bar for the spools with monofilament. There is also five swiveled snaps for accessories.

      Traper Fishing Buffs

      The multifunctional scarf is a perfect complement to the outfit. Can be used as a neck and head warmer. We can cover the mouth and nose with it in the annoying chill. Flexible, soft and pleasant to the touch fabric tightly adheres and covers the body. The minimal dimensions of the scarf allow it to fit easily into the smallest pocket of our vest.

      Baetis Strike Indicator 1/4inch

      You might now these as Thingamabobber. Ideal for bunging on stillwater and rivers. Available in Pink.

      Devaux Hat

      Cotton cap with adjustable closure and long 10cm visor

      Hunts Original Mud

      Take the shine off your line!Hunt’s Original Mud is created by using a blend of natural ingredients, so it is

      Lake Fly Box Waterproof

      X Large waterproof fly box 25cm deep and hold 260 flies ideal for streamers, nymphs, lake flies or Salmon flies.


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