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Piscari Pine Squirrel Dubbing


Piscari Pine Squirrel Dubbing. A nice spikey fine squirrel dubbing, ideal for bodies and thoraxes.

Veniard Stickle Dubbing

A superb dubbing made from natural guard hairs that is easy to use and gives a scruffy finish that creates the movement that fish find irresistible

Sybai Deer Dubbing Natural

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Dubbing from 100% natural and coarse roe deer. Excellent material for tying nymphs, dry flies or scrubs.

Hends Gleamy Dubbing

A fine synthetic dubbing. Can be used as a substitute instead of seals fur dubbing. Good for use as sparkle in wet flies.

Hends Peacock Dubbing

This is ideal as a durable substitute for natural peacock.

Piscari Hare Dubbing

The hair from Hare’s skin are used in many nymph, wet and dry flies patterns Easy to blend with other less malleable synthetic dubbings. Available in 23 colours

Piscari Natural Rabbit Dubbing

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Natural Rabbit Dubbing

Sybai Salmo Supreme

Improved version of well known and very popular dubbing made as a blend of Angel Hair, fine flash fibers and trilobal fibres.

Sybai Salmo Supreme Dubbing Box


Semperfli Kapok Dubbing

High Floating supporting 30 times its weight. Perfect for Dry Flies. Kapok is finer than superfine dubbing at 30-36 micron

SLF Bug Dub Packets

SLF Bug Dub is a blend of hair and SLF to make the most realistic of bodies A fantastic Squirrel

SLF Squirrel Dub Packets

This has an added splash of SLF flash to their squirrel dubbing for the ultimate spikey nymph blend. A must

Soldarini Italian Blend Dubbing

Soldarini Italian Blend Dubbing, a construction material that gives it an extraordinary gloss, combined with malleability, that allows you to

Spirit River Lite Brite Dubbing

Spirit River Lite Brite Dubbing is a coarse dubbing material great for brightening up any fly pattern.

Sybai Lite Brite Dubbing

Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, and wet

Sybai Lite Brite Dubbing Box – Mix Colours

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Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, and

Sybai Nymph Dubbing

Special dubbing for tying nymphs. Mix of natural dubbings and long black guard hairs.

Sybai Peacock Dubbing

This is a fantastic substitution of natural peacock. Easy to tie buggy looking and durable “peacock” fly bodies. To use in place of natural peacock.

Tommi-Fly Dubbing sets

Spectra dubbing mix This is a mix of suitable materials for dubbing your flies. The combination of materials allows the natural