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Dry Dropper selection box

Dry Dropper selection box- perfect for the perfect method that is dry dropper. Fishing a Hi-vis fly with a nymph hanging uunder it at various depths that you as angler set to target fish on river bed or lake. A variety of nymphs and indicator klinks / sedges to attract fish and see the takes of fish on the nymphs underneath. 18 indicator dries and klinks with a selection of 68 nymphs for under the klinks. Cost €155. Large box 24 indicator dries and 79 nymphs cost €190 Please allow up to 10 days for this box to be constructed as all our flies are personally hand tied to order to ensure the quality of the fly and its ability to catch you fish.. But we will endeavour to get it out as fast as possible

Standard Dry Dropper Set-Up

Dry dropper is perfect method for locating fish and their feeding zones on particular times of the day or season. You can cover more area of the river also with a distanced approach for stealth and approach.