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Behr Ice Cool Max Socks

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Behr Icebehr functional socks. For a drier, cooler feet thanks to the climate-regulating coolmax, the damp stays outside.

Devaux Amadou Leather Medium

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Devaux Amadou Medium Leather is a natural material which has the particularity of being completely hydrpophilic. It is unrivaledly effective

Kali Kunnan Box 24 Rig Winders

Box with 24 Rig Winders rack terminals of diameter 65 mm Inside the Rig Winders are trapped in a stand in EVA therefore remain Fixed without rolling and cause annoying tangles.

SPRO Ctec Pannet Net

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Ultra soft 6mm mesh pan net, ideal to help land those small white fish... 50x40x30cm.

Traper Active Light Bag

The bag purposed for carrying rods, reels and accessories. There are three accessory pockets on the inner side of the top cover. Internal chamber is divided into compartments and creates the place for rods. The second compartment will keep reels, spools and other fishing indispensables neatly. The dividers are Velcro mounted and can be adjusted freely. There is the arm belt and carrying handle for comfort transportation. 90X26X12 CM

Traper Lake Fly Box XLarge

A luxurious waterproof double-sided plastic case with micro-cuts for flies and streamers, a practical gift that will make every avid fly fisherman happy.  
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 315 X 255 X 74

Wychwood Gorge Wading Belt

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A supportive and contoured wading belt which is ideal for anyone spending any length of time in waders. The belt features, a large elasticated rear pocket, several ‘D’ rings and a fully adjustable easy fasten buckle.

Fillet Knives

Kinetic Fillet Knife in blue. Fillet like a pro with this durable premium knife. Ergonomic soft-grip handle with flexible razor

Kali Kunnan Seat Box

Large version 54 x 39 x 40cm & standard Version 45 x 37 x 30cm seat box comes complete with a padded strap for easy transporting to the mark.

Mikado Surf Rod Rest

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Aluminium and steel telescopic rod rests. Extremely important to provide immediate reaction for each bite.

Traper Floating Glasses Lanyard

Lanyard was made of soft EVA foam. It is covered elastic polyester. The double sliding ring is used for adjustment. For attachment frame of glasses is use soft, anti slip tubing. Thanks to the lanyard is floated so glasses are protected from sinking.

Traper Titanium Forceps

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Robust pliers for fish unhooking fish with block. They are manufactured in top quality stainless steel covered with titanium. The handles are sheathed with anti slip plastic. They are recommended for bigger hooks.

Soldarini RCX Soft Hip Pack

It is a spacious chest and waist bag with great features. First of all, it offers very versatile and extensive

Rapture Travelling Bag

Extremely light but resistant travel bag, ideal to take with you during yours fishing (but not only) trips abroad. Wide range of pockets for a more logical division of content and extendable handle and wheels to transform this bag in a super handy trolley. The rigid bottom part allows to store fragile stuff and even travel rods, typically made in several sections.