Piscari Impact Soft Kneepads

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We are delighted to have our own branded Impact soft knee-pads now in store. Super lightweight fly fishing knee-pads. Impact

Piscari Folding Wading Staff

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A wading staff is an essential safety pole for all anglers, it will allow you to find rocks and steep

Traper Wading Support Belt

Long-term wading, standing position during fishing, after some time, become a struggle and overload our spine. A lumbar belt is

Stormsure 3 X 5G Pack

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Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive is a very strong general purpose adhesive and it can also be used as a surface

Solarez UV- Cure Wader Repair Kit

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Solarez UV-Cure Wader Repair is the ultimate UV-Curing flexible repair and sealer! Repair your expensive waders while you fish. Modern and top quality Zero VOC, ECO-Friendly, non-flammable formula. Solarez UV-Cure