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Hostagevalley Troubletail Soft Lures

The Troubletail is the new product from Hostagevalley Lures. The main difference between this bait and most softbaits on the market is how it runs.

Hostagevalley Shad Lures

The Hostagevalley Shad  impresses with their breathtaking design and individual running shape.

Traper Lure Box

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Versatility is the name of the game with these boxes, it doesn’t matter which way you pick up the box, the double latch system will allow you to open the lid without spinning it around, the lid also comes fully off when both latches are open. The double latch also provides excellent security, making it difficult for the box to open if you drop it and prevents accidental opens.

Westin Spot-On Top Walker

This powerful top water bait takes the learning curve out of walking the dog, and it packs decades worth of

Mikado ABM 313 Rig Box

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Medium-sized boxes made of durable transparent plastic. Designed to store a set of accessories for one particular method of fishing. Usually transported and stored in fishing bags or bigger boxes. They are equipped with movable compartments, which allows to rearrange the space according to your needs. Can be adjusted separately to each single wobbler or spoon. Mostly used by anglers to segregate spinning lures. Also recommended for storage of lead olives, floats or swivels.

Mikado Sicario Lures

Realistic look, intense tail action and well-pronounced quivering of the body make the Sicario soft lure deadly effective for multiple different kinds of predators. Smaller sizes will attract perch and zander; larger ones will surely get you a pike.  

Stucki Thun Mozzi Spoon Copper

The Mozzi is probably the most popular and best fishing spoon in Switzerland. With its hammered surface and its slight curved shape it performs in a way that the fish simply cannot resist. Whether trout, pike, perch or salmon, with the Mozzi spoon you will never be disappointed.

Westin Magic Minnow Jig

Fish the Magic Minnow from the shore or boat, fish it fast, slow on a steady retrieve or jigging – with a weedless design and great action in all speeds.

Mikado Sicario Pike Tail Lures

Thanks to the success of the Sicarios, we decided to introduce a model with a carefully profiled twister tail that will attract attention in the water and be really effective for sleepy predators.

Poseidon Weaver Lures Kit

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This kit comes with 5 lures for excellent fishing.  18g weight.

Kinetic Charmy Green Shiver 3 Pack

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110 mm 18g  3 pcs in pack.  Designed by pros, the Kinetic Charmy offers a meaty profile with a high-action tail that brings the extra bites needed to score your limit. Thread it onto a jig head—you'll love how it looks in the water, and so will the fish. Ready to fish!

Westin Hypoteez ST

Based on the hugely successful Westin Hypoteez, this new version of one of our most popular soft lures features an extremely life-like, tight and erratic swimming action thanks, in part, to its extra inch in length

Kenley Wintom Lures Kit

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Fabulous Lure Kit.  18g

Basshunter Chubbo Stik Lures

Basshunter Lures are handmade with some serious science behind two main aims; to make flawless lures as naturally as possible and to provide colours wanted by anglers that are not available in other soft plastic brand. Salt & Aniseed Scented.

Basshunter Sinko Worm Lures

Basshunter Lures are handmade with some serious science behind two main aims; to make flawless lures as naturally as possible and to provide colours wanted by anglers that are not available in other soft plastic brand

Kinetic Coastliner Mix

A superb mix with some of the most popular colours, models and weights available. With this kit you have different

Kinetic Humpy Dumpy 35g

A classic tail bait with a lot of potential. Incredibly easy to fish – you just need to cast out, then fish the lure in a steady retrieve. Try adding some occasional stops and vary your speed to trigger feeding from wary predators.

Mikado Fishunter Pencil Wobblers

They attract predators by creating strong hydro acoustic wave, special colour, sound of metal balls. Fish Hunter wobblers are produced from especially hardened foam. Designed by spinning professionals, tested in all European waters.

Mikado Spoon Clicker

We present a devilishly effective lure, whose main advantage is the strong hydro acoustic wave it generates. Two spoons were specially designed and separated by projections so as not to stick together in water.

Westin Sandy Inline Yellow Ayu

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Sandy Inline is designed for coastal saltwater fishing when sea trout are patrolling the reefs, sea bass are feeding in the surf, and other saltwater species are searching for prey.

Sakura Sodium Texshad

Sodium Tex'Shad is an evolution of our Tex'Shad which is widely used in all the boxes of experienced bass fishermen. Combined with a jig head specifically designed to match the body shape of the Sodium Shad, this combo features an imitative silhouette and a very mimetic stroke.

Sakura Sodium Eel


The Sodium Eel is a ready-to-fish soft lure that perfectly imitates a popular bass prey: the Sandeel. It is well known that this small fish is a favorite prey for all marine predators on the Atlantic coast and we have designed the Sodium Eel using these parameters.

Rublex Ondex Spinners

Very light spinner with broad- angle and dense spinning movement, suitable for fishing in shallow water or on the water-grass

Rublex Celta Spinners

One of the original members of the renowned RUBLEX family. The only spinner, ever, with antiline twist device built in