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Mivardi Competition Match Landing Net

The Perfect Net for the River Angler. A competition focused net with a pan style net for easy netting of

Traper Net Lanyard

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The spring line is equipped with a carabiner and a connecting ring. After stretching, the length is 1m.

Mikado Electronic Weighing Scales – 40kg

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The Electronic Fishing Scale from Mikado can weigh fish up to a maximum of 40kg. It features an On/Off Switch, a Unit button to change the weight and clear button

Traper Trout Carbon Landing Net

Modern, lightweight yet extremely robust landing net. The frame is made of carbon fibre in full. The net is manufactured

Traper Folding Landing Net

As usual with Traper, these nets are made with the finest materials and these are equipped with a special silicone coating, which doesn't absorb any odour and is markedly softer and lighter than common “rubber coated” nets. An all round great landing net.
Size 45 X 55 cm.

Mivardi Boat Net Large

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Uncompromising, robust scoop with a solid frame and removable all-metal rod, fine-tuned down to the last detail. It is suitable

Mikado Landing Net – Foldable Rubber mesh 170cm

Very handy and easy to use, spinning landing net with a rubber-coated mesh. Large, aluminium-made landing net head can be

Mikado Landing Net Head Rubber

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Great landing net head invaluable during wading while spinning or in fly fishing. Wide rim with a rubber-coated net makes landing easier.

Mivardi Put-Over Powerstick Net Handle

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A net handle manufactured from composite materials in differing lengths with an exceptional value for money. Length - 3 m.

Mikado Landing Net Float

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Standard landing net float with a buoyancy foam and a Velcro for mounting. Float makes landing the fish much easier, keeping the landing net head on the surface. It fits to all carp landing nets.

Mikado Landing Net Head

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Light landing net head, made of fishing line, used in top-shelf, professional landing nets. Fitted with additional floats, making it easy operate even when using the longest handles. Fishing line construction absorbs neither water nor odours, keeping a wet head just as light as when dry, allowing effortless, single-handed use. 60 x 50  cm |65 cm

Mikado Xplode Big Fish Landing Net Handle

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Composite rod for racing landing nets.

Behr Trendex Landing Net Handles

Behr Net Handles.  Telescopic landing net handles with metal threaded cap. Roughened handle butts for grip. Universal fit.

Traper Classic Landing Net Handle 300cm

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Traper Classic Landing net handle - 300cm. Perfect for that extra reach and control whilst boat fishing, or from bank fishing. Giving extra distant to net that incoming fish.

Traper Net Float

Net float for bank, boat and large handled net handles for anglers nets.

Traper Maxi GST River Measure Net

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A very light and handy landing net, the frame of which is made of aluminum and the handle is made of light and strong plastic. A soft, perlon net with great depth, perfectly protects the fish from falling out. A soft competition ruler is sewn into the bottom of the landing net. We recommend this landing net to fly fishermen taking part in competitions.

Mivardi Rubber Mesh Landing Net

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Perfect net for any angler starting out. Ideal for River fishing. Rubber Mesh so no soakage of water causing drag.

Piscari Net Lanyard

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Strong spring cord, with strong ends, with key-ring on one end and clip on other to attach to Vest, chest pack or wading jacket.

Mivardi Lightweight Aluminium Landing Net

A landing net with a short handle and an ultra-light frame manufactured from anodized aluminium. Fitted with MnM zero water