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Traper Floating Glasses Lanyard

Lanyard was made of soft EVA foam. It is covered elastic polyester. The double sliding ring is used for adjustment. For attachment frame of glasses is use soft, anti slip tubing. Thanks to the lanyard is floated so glasses are protected from sinking.

Piscari River Foam Spool Dispensers

5 Foam spools per pack Ideal spools for River leader & cast setups. Also can be used for other fishing

Piscari Double Zinger

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Ideal item for holding cutters or tools.  Comes with magnet.

Traper Titanium Nippers

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Extremely precise nipper for professionals. Exchangeable, tungsten blades mounted in the burnished stainless steel. It is additionally equipped with the sharp pin for cleaning the hooks eyes as well as the hole for snap.

Piscari Magnet Rod Holder

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Magnetic accessory to attach alongside the car to put your rod on hold and in safety, whilst gearing up for

Kinetic Rig Wallet

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This classic zip-lock style Kinetic Rig Wallet is made of extremely durable and water repellent materials. It measures 20x16cm and are locked with velcro. Contains ten plastic pockets for your rigs and gear.

Mikado Electronic Weighing Scales – 40kg

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The Electronic Fishing Scale from Mikado can weigh fish up to a maximum of 40kg. It features an On/Off Switch, a Unit button to change the weight and clear button

Piscari Super Strong Net Magnet

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It is an ideal accessories for outdoor fly fishing.Keeps net safe and handy when you are fishing, holds the net handle down for easy reach and prevents snagging on brush

Traper Carp Cap Torch

The perfect flashlight for every night trip. Flashlight equipped with 5 ultra bright LEDs. Highly energy-saving flashlight, thanks to which you will

Dinsmores Wire Traces

Available in 3 lengths of 15, 23 & 30 cm Carrying capacity of 13kg

Traper Titanium Forceps

Robust pliers for fish unhooking fish with block. They are manufactured in top quality stainless steel covered with titanium. The handles are sheathed with anti slip plastic. They are recommended for bigger hooks.

Devaux Multifunction Nippers

This 3-function line cutter, from Devaux, allows you to cut nylon with precision and unclog fly eyelets. Line cutter with eyelet

Veniard Retractable Hook Sharpener

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A fine grit aluminium oxide stone with indentations for aligning hook points. Mounted in a plastic case with anchor hole

Piscari Nippers

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These snipers or clippers are ideal for trimming lines. They are stainless steel with a sharp cutting edge, they would

Gear Retractor

Landing net holder or extensible accessories. Heavy duty rope Extension 50 cm It has a fastening mechanism for belt and

Kali Kunnan Box 24 Rig Winders

Box with 24 Rig Winders rack terminals of diameter 65 mm Inside the Rig Winders are trapped in a stand in EVA therefore remain Fixed without rolling and cause annoying tangles.

Mikado Lure boxes – double sided

The boxes are designed for transporting and storing artificial spinning and sea lures, such as wobblers, pilkers, etc. The transparent

Kali Kunnan Seat Box

Large version 54 x 39 x 40cm & standard Version 45 x 37 x 30cm seat box comes complete with a padded strap for easy transporting to the mark.

Mikado Rod Stand

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Wide range of aluminium and steel telescopic rod rests. Extremely important to provide immediate reaction for each bite. Handy for bait fishing.

Piscari Disgorger

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Fish friendly design Made from plastic Ideal for most coarse fishing hook sizes  

Sakuma Hooked Snaps

Sakuma Stainless Steel Hooked snaps are a very versatile and useful link with a multitude of uses for the boat

Mikado Filleting Knife Set

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A set of high quality, Japanese 440 stainless steel knives: 2 filleting knives (6 and 8 inch) with a specially profiled, soft and super sharp blade for perfect separation of the meat from the bone, a 5 inch boning knife with a serrated edge and a knife sharpener. All knives in the set have a non-slip handle and are packed in a practical case.

Umpqua River Grip Tool Kit

Whether trying on a new fly or releasing a fish, this kit has everything you need. Includes: Clip-on retractor Nipper