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Bixlite Light Spin 214 c.w. 2-11g

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BIXLITE Light Spin are light spinning rods designed for perch, trout and chub angling. Blank made of carbon fibre, framed

Jenzi Combo Tele Pike 3.00m 50-90g

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Speci World target fish rods Equipped with a ball-bearing reel from the Speci LT series

Mikado Bixlite Fast Spin

BIXLITE Fast Spin is a series of fast and sensitive spinning rods with a very versatile array of possible applications.

Mikado Intro Heavy Spin 270 c.w. 10-40g

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Strong spinning rods dedicated to angling with medium and large lures. Fast action, sensitive carbon blank and deeper deflection will

Mikado Intro Spin 270 c.w. 5-30g

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Fast, universal spinning rods with casting weight from 5 to 30 grams. The key advantage of Intro Spin rods is

Mikado X-Plode Ultra fine spin 204

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X-plode Ultra Fine Spin are very delicate spinning rods with glued-in tip, made for angling using the smallest lures, spinners

Spro Kraft 3 All Round 40 Rod

3 Kraft AR40 are built for strength. This high quality all round rod range is built with 36+40T parabolic blanks providing a huge backbone.

Balzer Meerforelle Diabolo X Rod – 3.15m(8-34g)

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A long-cast rod that is very balanced in the hand. Over long distances you set the first attempt safely. The fast taper action in connection with the long-distance grip brings the decisive meters more.

Balzer Forelle Diabolo X Trout Rod

Beautiful filigree rod for light and sensitive spin fishing for trout. Don’t be misled by the small size of this rod, it will land even the biggest trout with confidence.

Dennett Mackerel Hunter 9ft Combo

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The rod is strong and powerful and makes casting easy for new comers to the sport. The reliable size 600 reel comes pre-loaded with line. Mackerel Hunter combos are the perfect outfit for many first time sea shore anglers.

Hurricane Seahawk Lineaeffe Rod – 12′ up to 170g

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This extremely, competitively priced Omni range includes key rods for Sea, Coarse and Game applications. Ideal for beginners and more experienced anglers alike, these rods maximise performance and quality at this key Shakespeare price point. All Omni rods feature hang tag bags for slat wall hanging etc.

Jarvis Walker Angler Recruit 5ft Combo

A smashing little outfit for the junior angler wanting to begin fishing. The Angler recruit 5ft combo consists of a 2pc rod and a ball bearing reel with line, which is ready to go. Product Details
  • Suitable for ages: 6 to 9 years
  • Dimensions/Size: 152cm/5ft. two-piece rod
  • Material: Fibreglass and graphite

Jaxon Tenesa Spinning Rod – 2.70m(20-60g)

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Tenesa Spinning Rods All Tenesa blanks are made from strong and dynamic C24T carbon fibres and are equipped with Titanium Oxide Slim guides. This creates a perfectly balanced and well finished spinning rod. The parabolic action enables the rod to handle a wide variety of species. Comes with a cloth bag.

Kinetic Boat CC 6′ P8

Save money and land yourself a superb saltwater fishing setup with the Kinetic Boat Fishing Combo. It pairs a quality lever drag reel with a powerful rod to amply support your quest for a trophy. The Kinetic Boat reel is built like a tank, yet lighter than most reels in its class.

Kinetic Brutalis FS Rod

ltra-tough and dependable, count on Kinetic Brutalis FS for season after season of bringing in the big ones. The fiberglass blank combines excellent strength with perfect balance. Conventional aluminum reel seat with durable 3-legged low-profile guides. EVA grips and graphite cross gimbal for a comfortable grip and secure hold. Split handle with screw fitting.

Kinetic Coast/Boat CC 6′

Dependable power for your saltwater exploits at an affordable price. The Kinetic Coast/Boat Combo is a perfectly matched setup designed to give you the upper hand in any situation.

Kinetic Defeater CT 7′ Rod

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A super-versatile, well-balanced ultra-light spinning rod like Kinetic Defeader CT is as good as gold. Precision-crafted CT graphite blanks are formulated to be strong and dependable. Exclusive, lightweight split reel seat and EVA grips provide a nonslip hold and enhance control and sensitivity. Lightweight single foot guides.

Kinetic Demigod CT Combo

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Perfectly matched, light and responsive, our Kinetic Demigod CT spinning combo looks fantastic and fishes even better. The Kinetic Demigod reel is a tough little beast, sporting a lightweight graphite body and aluminum spool. Smooth and quiet, it features a 4-bearing (3+1) system that includes instant anti-reverse for quick, no-doubt hooksets. Equipped with a rubber handle knob to ensure a firm, comfortable grip at all times.

Kinetic Fantastica CC 6′ Boat Rod

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The Kinetic Fantastica CC boat rod features durable fiberglass blank construction, EVA foam handles, durable reel seat, and 3-legged corrosion-resistant guides.

Kinetic Fantastica I CC

Rod Only  & Combo OPTIONS CrystalCross CC – A tough fiberglass blank with a medium action Well fitted put over

Kinetic Fantastica Mackerel Catcher 12′

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The Kinetic Mackerel Catcher spinning combo offers the perfect rod and reel setup for mackerel, cod, coalfish and flatfish. The Fantastica spinning reel features a rugged graphite body and a lightweight graphite spool. Stainless ball bearings and a strong multi-disc drag system.

Kinetic Powercore CC 6’6″ Combo

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This saltwater combo delivers a money-saving setup that's perfect for chasing your favorite saltwater quarry. The classic, simple design of the Kinetic PowerCore level wind reel has made it a reliable, go-to tool for all types of saltwater fishing.

Kinetic Prodigy CL 14′ Rod

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If you like saltwater fishing from shore, the Kinetic Prodigy CL surf casting rod is ideal for casting heavy baits farther with less effort, and have the raw fish-fighting power to land large saltwater fish.

Kinetic Prodigy Combo

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Catapult heavy baits past the breakers with the Kinetic Prodigy CL surfcasting combo that maximizes casting range and fish-fighting power. The Kinetic Prodigy reel is specifically designed to maximize casting distance, without relinquishing full power and control.