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Shamrock Tackle Kilmore Killers Rig

Once again, this rig is one of the products which put Shamrock firmly on the Fishing Map! The luminous body has been made slightly translucent to allow the feathers to show through which reflects more life, like a bait fish. Really superb for Cod, Ling, Haddock, Pollock, Coalies, and even the bigger fish, Conger, Huss etc. Hook Size: 1/0 Main Line: 30lb Snoods: 25lb

Shamrock Tackle Mardi Grais Rig

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Made with only the finest material and the strongest hooks on the market, you know you’re going to fish with confidence! These guys will pull up even the biggest Wrasse! Hook Size:1 Mainline: 30lb Snoods: 25lb

Traper Lure Box

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Versatility is the name of the game with these boxes, it doesn’t matter which way you pick up the box, the double latch system will allow you to open the lid without spinning it around, the lid also comes fully off when both latches are open. The double latch also provides excellent security, making it difficult for the box to open if you drop it and prevents accidental opens.

Traper Pilker Kil Lures

Traper Lures include many pilker designs, selected and tested by experienced anglers. The variety of shapes and sizes allows it to adapt to various fishing conditions in deep and shallow sea fisheries. Available in 4 colours        weight 140g Colour 1 , 2, 3, 5

Traper Spinner BLADE

Our offer include the most effective, the most frequently used types of spinner baits. These lures' parts such as blade, body, bead, stirrup all perfectly in detail – composed in perfect product. Blade surface, decorated foil are covered with durable varnish making them last for long. The total complete is made by dependable Mustad trebles.   Available in Black/Yellow/ Silver & Red/Silver