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Albatros Tubespinner Black

Albatros Tube Spinners are superb Salmon lures which  account for a large portion of Salmon captures throughout  UK and Ireland.

Behr Trendex Cyber Spinner

The spinners of the TRENDEX® series are characterized by high-quality workmanship and can be cast easily and far. The spinner blade

Flying C Lures

Flying C spinners have been a favourite with salmon and trout anglers for years, their mix of highly attractive spinner

Kamasan B980 Hooks

The Kamasan B980 Specimen Eyed 10-pack is a chemically sharpened single hook with a round hook bend. A strong and super

Kamasan Needle Point Fish Hooks

Kamasan Needle Point Fish Hooks are excellent for holding bait as they have barbs along the shaft. 10 pcs per

Kilty Catcher Lures

 4.50 4.60
The Kilty Catcher is the most famous Irish Bass lure. Designed, tested and produced in Clonakilty Co Cork(the heartland of

Kilty Feather Lures

Kilty Mackerel, Cod and Pollock Feathers. This popular mackerel pattern is mostly fished at depth . As with other Kilty Feathers holographic flashabou has been tied into each feather.

Kinetic Charmy Green Shiver 3 Pack

110 mm 18g  3 pcs in pack.  Designed by pros, the Kinetic Charmy offers a meaty profile with a high-action tail that brings the extra bites needed to score your limit. Thread it onto a jig head—you'll love how it looks in the water, and so will the fish. Ready to fish!

Kinetic Coastliner Mix

A superb mix with some of the most popular colours, models and weights available. With this kit you have different

Kinetic Humpy Dumpy 35g

A classic tail bait with a lot of potential. Incredibly easy to fish – you just need to cast out, then fish the lure in a steady retrieve. Try adding some occasional stops and vary your speed to trigger feeding from wary predators.

Kinetic Smolty

A perfect imitation of a minnow. The easy action shad tail entices big fish to strike. Targeted for perch and zander, but deadly on all other predators as well.


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