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Axia Next Generation Monofilament Line

A multi-discipline line developed to share many of the characteristics of more expensive line at a sensible price. Axia Mainline

Behr Stainless Wire Leader

With 3 different lengths (15, 20, 25 cm). Carrying capacity: 10 kg

Dinsmores Wire Traces

Available in 3 lengths of 15, 23 & 30 cm Carrying capacity of 13kg

Kinetic 4 Braid

 7.99 59.99
Dusty Green 150 m 0.16mm 15.6kg Dusty Green 150 m 0.08mm 3.3kg   If you're looking for your favorite fishing braid, look no further than Kinetics’ 4-braid. The smooth surface on this fishing line whispers through your rod's guides on the cast. Sensitive enough to feel even the gentlest bites. Super-tough and abrasion resistant.
  • Ultra-high molecular polyethylene
  • Most advanced 4 Braid technology
  • Slick surface for low friction
  • Fluo yellow high viz colour or Dusty Green

Kinetic Super Mono Line

The high-performance Kinetic Super Mono is designed to meet the standards pro anglers demand. Copolymer construction and state-of-the-art extrusion techniques deliver superior fighting power, excellent knot strength, and great handling characteristics – all with extra durability.

Mikado Braided Line – Dreamline Green

Braided cord Mikado Dreamline competition will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding spinning reel. It is a technically advanced special braided cord of eight microfibers with a unique technology of dense weaving of PE fibers.

Mikado Jaws Invisible Leader

The leader material is covered with a layer of fluorocarbon, making it invisible to fish and ensuring a perfect presentation of the bait. Resistant to abrasions and teeth of predators. Indispensable when fishing with jerkbaits and large rubber lures.

Mikado Territory Shock Leader – 45lbs 0.55mm

Territory Shock Leader is a specialist material, composed of several coatings surrounded by a molecular net and as a whole completed by a fluorocarbon coating. The end result is simple, we have obtained a very durable tapered material that performs a protective function not losing on its flexibility.

Rovex Tergo 4X Green Braid

 11.50 15.50
Rovex Tergo Braid is a blended braid that is suitable for all fishing styles. This braid features a high strength to diameter ratio which is combined with a low stretch. Rovex Tergo braid is also thin in diameter and comes in 150yd and 250yd spools in 20lb & 30lb line.

Spro Fluoro Carbon Leader

Very high worthy ‘hi-flex’ and nearly invisible fluorocarbon leaders. Ideal for trolling with large plugs. 80lb Breaking Strain 50cm Length

Spro Heat Shrink Tube 2mm

Perfect for covering sleeves, knots and loops when making predatory fish leaders. The shrink tube prevents tangles and protects the line

Spro Norway Power Specialist Sea Leader

Very durable leaders, made in Japan. This mono-filament line is virtually invisible underwater and is ideal as a buffer between the


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