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Cox & Rawle Powerfast Baitholder Hook

Designed for fish or worm baits, with bait retaining barbs on the shank. Heavy wire with offset to ensure you

Dohiku HDD 301

HDD 301 is a classic hook . Its shape is ideal for tying larger patterns of dry flies. Ideal for spinner and caddis patterns and also palmer flies. DOHIKU hooks are made from a high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered according to an exacting formula that makes a long life for them.

Dohiku HDW 302SP

These hooks are recommended for Jig flies, nymphs and caddis patterns. Available in packs of 25 and 2 sizes.

Gamakatsu LS 5123N Hooks

Razor-sharp hook, suitable for pike-perch, asp, perch and other predators. (You can pinch the common barbs on the hook stem

Hends 550 Klinkhammer Hook

The 550 Klinkhammer is a modern emerger hook for tying very effective patterns – for example Klinkhammer dry flies or

Kamasan B110 Hooks

The Kamasan B110 Grubber Fly Hook is the same shape as the B100, but produced in a heavier gauge, and much stronger wire. They are superb fly tying hooks. The special loop bend gives life like shape to shrimps and grubs.

Kamasan B800 Size 10

Kamasan B800 hooks are a great hook for most trout flies, streamer, wet fly and nymphs, this hook fit them all.

Kamasan B980 Hooks

The Kamasan B980 Specimen Eyed 10-pack is a chemically sharpened single hook with a round hook bend. A strong and super

Kamasan Needle Point Fish Hooks

Kamasan Needle Point Fish Hooks are excellent for holding bait as they have barbs along the shaft. 10 pcs per

Mikado Sensual Round Barbed Hooks

A new version of the Sensual Round hook series, these hooks posess two barbs on the shank to prevent your

Mikado Sensual Treble Hooks

A family of excellent treble hooks recommended for mounting on spoons, spinners and wobblers. Also useful for fishing with live or dead bait.

Mustad Beak Baitholder 92247 BR Hooks

Mustad’s true, allround baitholder hook is ideal for endless uses in different applications but are particulaly popular for worm fishing.


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