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Stonfo Kaiman Vise Replacement Jaw

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Replacement Jaw for the Kaiman Vise. The hardened steel jaw is designed to hold hooks ranging from tiny size 28 to mighty 5/0 saltwater hooks with no adjustments.

Cottarelli Standard Vise

Standard Medium Head Standard Crank Complete C-Clamp 360° True rotary vise All stainless steel and brass Counter balanced brass handle

Cottarelli Travel Deluxe Vise

Standard Head Brass Tripod Support 360° True rotary vise All stainless steel and brass Counter balanced brass handle Jolly Support

Cottarelli Travel Shuttle Vise Rego

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-Adjustable Shuttle Head – Travel Base with Tripod – Adjustable Jaws – Hex Key Included – Travel Box Included –

Danica Danvise Fly Tying

Danica Danvise Fly Tying Vice C-Clamp This Tying Vise offers the core vise characteristics. Handling is very easy. The adjustments

Spring Rotary Vise

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This side lever vice with spring loaded jaws is of excellent quality and beautifully finished with a polished brass rotating

Stonfo Elite Vise

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High quality in-line 360° rotary action vise for tying flies and streamers. The stainless steel shaft rotates through two precision

Stonfo Kaiman Vise

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High technology vise for a fast hook changing. To use simply squeeze the lever and the drop the hook into

Stonfo Morsetto Transformer Vise

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3 vises in 1 with just a click, rotary in line vise, tube flies vise, streamers vise. Pedestal Base with

Stonfo Travel Tool Set

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The TRAVEL TOOL SET of stonfo takes up very little space and allows you to take with you all the

Veniard Premium Flytying Kit with Vice

NOW COMPLETE WITH VICE Enough materials for 1000’s of flies…. This kit addresses both the traditional and newer trends in