Piscari Peacock Eyes

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Peacock eyes, can be used for a vast range of fly tying needs. Used on a abundance of fly patterns. Or striping for natural strip quills also. Hand picked. 3 per pack.

Piscari Pheasant Hen Complete Tails

Used for the wing material on the Invicta, also suitable for many other paterns

Piscari Turkey Marabou

Perfect plum marabou for tying all sorts of fly's including Streamers and lures. 10 plums per pack. In various colours.

Fly Co French Partridge

French Partridge is an extremely versatile fly tying material – whether for tying large wet flies, sea trout or salmon

Veniard CDC Dyed 1 Gram

New Colours in bulk packs of this wonder feather. Totally unsorted feathers so a complete mix of sizes is guaranteed.

Veniard English Partridge

The Partridge hackle has long since been a favourite with fly-tyers, and their use is widely acknowledged as being a perfect representation for the‘legs’ on many nymphs and North Country Spider patterns.

Veniard Golden Pheasant Complete Head

Complete Golden Pheasant Head including Crest and Collar still on the skin.

Veniard Knotted Cock Pheasant Tail


Center tail piece with each fibre double knotted

Supplied on the quill

Fly co Mallard Duck Wings

The wing front plumage is very useable along with the grey duck quills and butcher blues

Veniard Pheasant Hopper Legs

Hopper legs for your perfect imitation of realistic flies. Each pack contains 50 single knotted cock pheasant tail fibres.

Veniard Teal Duck Flank

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Veniard Teal Duck Flank Feathers. Strong black and white barring, Used as a wing on both trout and salmon flies including the Peter Ross and Teal Blue and Silver.

Wapsi Gadwall Barred Flank

Gadwall has larger feathers than barred teal flank. Their long fibers are excellent for collars on spey flies. Gadwall Barred feathers are used for trout and seatrout wet fly patterns and also for the sides of many salmon flies.

Wapsi Mallard Barred Flank Feather

The silver-grey, barred flank plumage is used – both natural and dyed – for many dry and wet fly wings. Unsorted bulk packs. Pack: 10x15 cm.