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Rio In Touch Scandi Outbound Spey Floating Fly Line

This line with it’s new ConnectCore for utmost sensitivity,performance & control. Has the exact the same taper as the award

Rio In Touch Single Handed Freshwater Spey Line WF8F

The InTouch Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to perform

Rio In Touch Skagit Max Gamechanger

RIO’s INTOUCH SKAGIT MAX GAMECHANGER heads are the perfect delivery system for casting large flies and sink tips. The heads feature RIO’s

Rio In Touch Switch Spey Fly Line

The Chucker is a very easy casting, extremely powerful line with a short-head designed to cast indicators, sink tips and

Rio Premier Technical Trout Line

REMIER RIO TECHNICAL TROUT FLY LINE Specifically designed for delicate presentations of small flies to technical feeders at range with

Rio Scandi Kit

The RIO Scandi kit is a ready-to-go Scandinavian style shooting head system that includes a floating RIO Scandi head with

Snowbee Classic Fly Line – Floating

Snowbee Classic Fly Lines are Snowbee’s economy priced range aimed at the budget conscious fly angler. At these prices you

Snowbee Classic Fly Line- Intermediate

At these prices, you might not expect the same supreme performance of the XS range of lines, however they offer

Snowbee Xs Delicate Presentation Floating Line

 Originally designed for ‘Thistle Down’ presentation on the river, this line has yet to receive the public recognition that it

Snowbee XS Sub Surface Intermediate

Snowbee XS Intermediate - WFI - The combination of outstanding Snowbee XS performance, with virtual invisibility, makes this versatile Intermediate Fly Line deadly for all sub-surface fishing,

Snowbee XS Plus Countdown Sinking Fly Line

Snowbee XS Plus Countdown Sinking Fly Line The range of Snowbee XS Plus Countdown Sinking Fly Lines are designed to

Snowbee XS Presentation Floating line

The flagship of the range, the original ‘Prestige’ Fly Line. Without doubt one of the best floating fly lines available

Snowbee Xs Sink Tip Fly Line

Kelly Blue Sink Tip WF7 – Buzzer Tip 1.15-1.2ips Or Sink Tip WF5 Tip 1.5-1.8 ips Or Sink Tip WF6

Soldarini Tactical Fly Line Nymph 055

Soldarini Tactical Fly Line Nymph 055 Ultra-light and thin fly line for modern nymphing techniques Parallel taper: constant diameter Uni