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Piscari Pliers

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One of the most important tools post-catch, like pliers, hardly get a second thought. Having some type of pliers is very important. A lot of time is wasted fumbling around with hooks lodged stubbornly in fish, clothing, even skin, and not spent actually fishing.

Piscari Pliers/Scissors

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A great tool to have in your pack. Two in one pliers in front, scissors at the back.

Piscari River Foam Spool Dispensers

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5 Foam spools per pack Ideal spools for River leader & cast setups. Also can be used for other fishing

Piscari Waterproof Phone Pouch

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Fully waterproof Phone Pouches to protect your phone while out on the water. Clear 360° cover so able to take

Smidge That Midge

Smidge comes in a practical, robust and lightweight 75ml aluminium pump spray. Thanks to its novel, water and sweat resisting

Soldarini Multifunction Amadou

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Elegant and functional amadou equipped with linecleaner and line strighter.  

SPRO Fastlock Snaps

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Size 6 – 11KG 10 pcs per pack   Use these carbines to change every streamer within seconds without retying

SPRO Leader Box

Rig Box. Storage for EVA rig winders. Box comes complete with 10 winders and includes pins

SPRO LED Headlamp

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This wide angle headlamp spreads the light for visibility over a larger area. 60 Lumen 54 x 43 x 45mm.

Stonfo Double Service Botton

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The Double Service Botton from stonfo is a retractor with two pull-out straps and a small fly patch between the

Stonfo Neck Lanyard

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The FISHING NECK LANYARD from stonfo is an very lightweight lanyard for the minimalist fly fisherman to have the most

Stormsure 3 X 5G Pack

Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive is a very strong general purpose adhesive and it can also be used as a surface

Piscari Super Strong Net Magnet

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It is an ideal accessories for outdoor fly fishing.Keeps net safe and handy when you are fishing, holds the net handle down for easy reach and prevents snagging on brush

Tiemco Dry Magic

An excellent super smooth and highly viscous silicone based floatant that does not clog up the fibres on your fly,

Traper Amadou

Patek Amadou made of natural leather. The absorbing inner part is made of a wood hub. Its high absorbency perfectly dries flies made of

Traper Leader Straightener 3 in1

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The leader straightener eliminates the curl from your leader so you can fight big fish, not coils.

Umpqua Dream Stream Hook File

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Don’t neglect your hook points if you want to consistently hook and hold fish. This two-sided file has grooves for

Umpqua River Grip Tool Kit

Whether trying on a new fly or releasing a fish, this kit has everything you need. Includes: Clip-on retractor Nipper

Umpqua Foam Fly Patch

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A great addition to any pack, this accessory holds a ZS2 fly patch and readily attaches to any loop, d-ring

Umpqua Tippet Dock

•Keep your tippet at your finger-tips •A great addition to any pack, this tippet holder readily holds 6 standard tippet

Upavon Imperial Rod Ruler & Fish Measure

This product allows the angler to quickly and efficiently measure and release fish causing the least stress possible. It can be cut to length for short section rods and also applied to landing net handles, wading sticks and boat seats to measure droppers and tippets.
  • Two rulers per pack
  • Available in metric (90cm) and Imperial (36 Inch) formats
  • Flexible material for simple application over curved areas
  • Weather resistant, rod safe adhesive
  • Easy read white design

Veniard CDC Gel

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A thicker oily CDC grease. Works as a barrier cream to keep your fly waterproof as well as recharging the

Veniard Retractable Hook Sharpener

A fine grit aluminium oxide stone with indentations for aligning hook points. Mounted in a plastic case with anchor hole