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Traper Titanium Forceps

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Robust pliers for fish unhooking fish with block. They are manufactured in top quality stainless steel covered with titanium. The handles are sheathed with anti slip plastic. They are recommended for bigger hooks.

Traper Titanium Nippers

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Extremely precise nipper for professionals. Exchangeable, tungsten blades mounted in the burnished stainless steel. It is additionally equipped with the sharp pin for cleaning the hooks eyes as well as the hole for snap.

Competition Dropper Rings

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Dropper rings easy to apply and long lasting. Perfect to prevent your dropper flies for spinning or tangling on your

Devaux Distrifiol Universal Bottle Holder

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Devaux® DVX Distrifiol is a universal bottle holder.

Devaux DVX Amadou Mini

Water absorption power. The Devaux® DVX Amadou Mini is a natural amadou to dry the flies.   Dimensions: 6 x 4cm

Devaux DVX Amadou Oval

Water absorption power. The Devaux DVX Amadou Oval is natural amadou to dry the flies. Dimensions: 7.5 x 5cm

Devaux DVX Thermometer

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Water temperature. The Devaux DVX Thermometer is a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Very useful to determine fish behaviour, stages for

Devaux Leather Fly Wallet

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Leather wallet covered with neoprene foam to bite flies.   Equipped with a fixing ring. Dimensions : 10X8.5cm  

Devaux Magnet Rod Holder

Magnet Rodcar brand Devaux. Magnetic accessory to fix along the car. Allows you to put your rod on hold and

Devaux Monomaster

The protection of aquatic environments and their environments is very important. Thanks to this light, compact and very easy-to-use accessory, fishermen

Devaux Multifunction Nippers

This 3-function line cutter, from Devaux, allows you to cut nylon with precision and unclog fly eyelets. Line cutter with eyelet

Devaux Yarn Indicator

Fluorescent wick to make indicators for dry dropping and nymph fishing.  

Dry Fly Treatment

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A dry fly treatment that helps your fly to float. Pro's choice. You just brush it on.

Dry Fly Treatment Refill

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Refill is enough for 4 bottles. Comes with funnel.

Upavon Fips-Mouche Rules Competition Fly Gauge

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From Upavon Fly fishing. Most accurate gauge on the market*, dimensions as per FIPS-Mouche Rules Rule 29.4. “If more than

Fly Line Backing

The Hi-Tec ultra slim line is made of braided Terylene Monofilament. It is anti-tangle, rot-proof, flourescent and hollow for easy

Gear Retractor

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Landing net holder or extensible accessories. Heavy duty rope Extension 50 cm It has a fastening mechanism for belt and

Gink Fly Floatant

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Rub small amount into dry fly before getting it wet. Gink melts at skin temperature and won’t cake small hackles.

Hunt’s Original Flotant 1oz

Hunt’s Original Floatant is a soft powder that will keep CDC flies afloat for longer by providing a protective barrier

Hunt’s Original Up High Float gel

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Up High is the first offering to the world of float gels. With so many available on the market today