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Wapsi Calf Body Hair White

Individual tails have short crinkly hairs. Commonly used for wings on dry flies (Wulff's Trudes. parachutes posts, etc. or wings on wet flies). Calf tail hair is an essential material for tying split-wing dry flies such as Wulffs, bonefish fly patterns, and smaller trout flies requiring finer, more crinkly hair than bucktail.

Almost Monkey – Black

The FlyCo Almost Monkey is great substitute for monkey hair in bigger salmon flies like Sunray Shadows.    The FlyCo Almost

Fly Co CDC Super Select

An essential tying material for many patterns, selected in the highest quality available and packaged neatly stacked to protect the

Fly Co Deer Body Hair

Deer Body Hair fly tying hair in the natural colors can be used for wings, tails and collars. The dyed over

Fly Co Ewing Dry Fly Mini Pack

Ewing Mini Dry Fly Packs are perfect for new fly tiers just starting out who want to purchase a variety

Fly Co Mallard barred flank Large Selected

Mallard Duck Drake Grey Flank – Selected Feathers. Mallard Duck used traditionally for spent mayfly wings and tails or back of

Fly Co Mallard Blue White Tip

These beautiful coloured feathers are selected from wings from Mallard Ducks and have a deep dark metallic blue color with

Fly Co Mallard Bronze Feathers

Available in Natural large. The bronze mallard Feathers are selected for quality and size. Used on many patterns

Fly Co Sticker Packs.

 4.00 6.00
Fly Co sticker packs consist of three cool stickers which could adorn your stripping basket, car, tying case available in Salmon, Grayling, Pike, Seatrout & Bonefish. Ahrex Sticker Pack is a collection of five really beautiful stickers with a high-quality print available in Standard & Predator.


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