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Veniard Blue Jay Wing Hackles

Veniard Blue Jay Wing Hackles - These are fine quality blue jay wing hackles which are know for their blue barred effect often used in many trout / sea trout flies and classic salmon flies.

Veniard Floo Gloo

A coat of Floo Gloo on any feather will hold it together and make it much more resilient.

Veniard Stickle Dubbing

A superb dubbing made from natural guard hairs that is easy to use and gives a scruffy finish that creates the movement that fish find irresistible

Veniards Peacock Blue Neck

Peacock Gold Body Feathers: Fancy feather that can brighten up any fly! Peacock Blue Neck Feathers: First wound as a hackle on the sea trout pattern the goats toe.

Elite Dubbing Needle

Extra user friendly dubbing needle which is well balanced and sits nicely in the hand

Veniard Foam Cylinders

Veniard small foam cylinders 2.3mm in Tan colour. Perfectly formed foam cylinders. Great for detached bodies 10 cylinders per packet.

Veniard Glister Sparkle Dubbing

A chunky pearlised dubbing material. Very easy to use and blend with other materials

Grey Squirrel Tail

 5.00 6.50
These ever popular tails offer the fly tyer a good wing/tail material

Jay Whole Wings

Pair of top quality wings with a full set of Matched wing front hackles.

Uni 2 Tone Mylar

Top quality extra strong Mylar Tinsel. Different colour on each side of the tinsel. Colours Available: Gold/ Silver, Peacock/Orange in sizes


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