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Veniard Silicone Tubing – Clear

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Extra soft and pliable, this tubing has been specially manufactured for tubes as flexible hook supports, can also be used

Veniards Glo-Brite Fluorescent Floss

Superbright, colourfast, floss comes in fluorescent colours. Glo-brite floss is the original fluro range devised by Tom Saville. The floss is available in 25 yards.

UTC Mirage Flash Tinsel

Flat semi-translucent pearl tinsel. Great for flashback nymphs.

Veniard Stickle Dubbing

A superb dubbing made from natural guard hairs that is easy to use and gives a scruffy finish that creates the movement that fish find irresistible

Veniards Prepared Solid Wax

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Used for dubbing or to stop materials slipping when tying.

Veniard Medium Bead Chain – Silver

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Ideal for heads on nymphs, Damsels, saltwater patterns etc.

Uni Mylar 2 Tone

Top quality extra strong Mylar Tinsel. Different colour on each side of the tinsel.

Uni Pearl Mylar

Flat pearl lurex. Superb quality. A very strong pearl mylar which is ideal for most tying applications. Sizes Available :

Piscari Side Grip Hackle Pliers

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These pliers are durable and strong with small side plates to provide you with a much more comfortable and secure

Veniard Goose Biot Strips

Great for cheeks on buzzers. Available as individual dyed colours or mixed assorted colours or mixed fluorescent colours.

Veniard Genuine Seals fur

Veniard Genuine Seal Fur Dubbing Packs. Genuine seal fur is beautifully translucent and it cannot be fully imitated by using synthetic materials. One of the best natural dubbing materials available and used on numerous traditional and modern fly patterns. Very good for dry fly patterns.

Veniard Stretch Worm Chenille

Antron and rubber fibres have been interwoven with a stretchy core. Great for worm type flies.

Veniard Seals Fur Substitute

A natural hair specially selected for its seal like qualities.

Veniard Booby Eyes

Cut from the finest quality Etha foam. Simply cut and tie in a figure of eight to form the eyes. Easily trimmed to create a rounded effect.

Veniard Glister Sparkle Dubbing

A chunky pearlised dubbing material. Very easy to use and blend with other materials

Veniard Celire

he original and best head cement for fly-tying is fine and extra clear. Comes in a 15 ml Bottle.

Veniard Whip Finishers

The Whip Finish Tool from Veniard is an essential tool. It is used to securely finish off your fly pattern.

Veniard Boar Bristles

Great for feelers, eye stalks, antenna and other appendages
Quantity 5 pcs

Veniard Rotary Whip finish

The head of this whip finish tool rotates on its body. Available in Large and small.