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Hareline Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs

The Hareline Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs are a popular material for fly tying legs onto Saltwater flies, Trout lures, Carp flies and apps for bloodworms. These legs are fantastic for giving your fly a realistic look in the water.You can also use the material for tying bodies and ribs as well.

Hareline Mini Squiggle Worms

Mini Squiggle Worms are thinner and tapered wormlike material that is attachable with super glue. Excellent material for tying fast

Hareline’s Ice Fur

Hareline Ice Fur is a great synthetic tying material that can be added to a variety of patterns. The material has

Hareline Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing

Hareline's very fine synthetic dubbing. This is specially designed for dry and small flies. It is the finest dubing around. Dubbing is very light and it will not absorb water.  

Hareline’s Ice Dubbing

This is one of hareline’s best selling products. Great Sparkle and dubs beautifully.