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Devaux DVX D131 Reel

Reliable and balanced. The Devaux DVX D131 fly reel is very robust and balanced, made from injected aluminum. It is a reliable

Devaux DVX Izi Kit

Original price was: €188.00.Current price is: €155.00.
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For starters. The Devaux DVX Izi fly fishing kit for beginners with a semi-parabolic action rod. It is available in three lengths

Devaux DVX Supra Light Jacket

Original price was: €70.00.Current price is: €58.00.
Waterproof and breathable. The Devaux® DVX Supra Light Jacket is water resistant and breathable rain jacket, extremely light and compact to be

Devaux DVX T36 Rods

Progressive action. This new Devaux DVX T36 with HMX36 carbon blank is a pleasant and versatile fly rod. The progressive action makes

Devaux DVX Thermometer

Water temperature. The Devaux DVX Thermometer is a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Very useful to determine fish behaviour, stages for

Devaux Extra Fine Deer Hair

Highest quality Devaux extra fine deer hair. These fine bristles are perfect for tying small dry hollow-haired flies.

Devaux Grouse Feathers – Plumes Grouse

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Superb selected feathers, sorted for highest quality. Perfect for dry flies

Devaux Hat

Cotton cap with adjustable closure and long 10cm visor

Devaux Jumbo Brown Felt Hat

Original price was: €79.00.Current price is: €75.00.
Devaux classic stylish felt hat in sizes 58 & 60

Devaux Knotted Pheasant Tail Legs – Insectes Nouees

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Knotted pheasant tail legs. used for lake fly and duck fly patterns. Easy to tie in to your fly body

Devaux Leather Fly Wallet

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Leather wallet covered with neoprene foam to bite flies.   Equipped with a fixing ring. Dimensions : 10X8.5cm  

Devaux Magnet Rod Holder

Magnet Rodcar brand Devaux. Magnetic accessory to fix along the car. Allows you to put your rod on hold and

Devaux Mallard Chest Feathers- Poitrail de Colvert

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For tying sedge wings or wet flies.

Devaux Monomaster

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The protection of aquatic environments and their environments is very important. Thanks to this light, compact and very easy-to-use accessory, fishermen

Devaux Multifunction Nippers

This 3-function line cutter, from Devaux, allows you to cut nylon with precision and unclog fly eyelets. Line cutter with eyelet

Devaux Nickel Ceramic Spool Holder 1

Devaux® Nickel Ceramic Spool Holder 1 with ceramic tip that does not harm the thread when winding. Ideal for fine rig lines

Devaux Nickel Ceramic Spool Holder 2

The Devaux® Porte Bobine 2 spool holder  is a fundamental tool in fly tying because it is essential to maintain a gentle

Devaux Partridge Feathers – Perdrix Grise

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Superb selected feathers, sorted for highest quality.

Perfect for drowned and nymphs.

Devaux Stripped Quill Peacock Eyes

Full stripped peacock eyes of the highest quality, ideal for bodies of dry flies and nymphs. Mixed pack has olive, natural and Yellow.

Devaux Wader/Boot Bag

Original price was: €27.00.Current price is: €18.00.
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This is a great piece of equipment. The bag with a strengthened handle is great for carrying your waders or

Devaux Waderbag 300 KOWA

Original price was: €70.00.Current price is: €58.00.
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The WADBAG 300 KOWA by its innovative concept, allows fishermen to go on a fishing trip with most of their

Devaux Wax Stick

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Devaux top quality wax stick

Devaux Yarn Indicator

Fluorescent wick to make indicators for dry dropping and nymph fishing.