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    Contiflies Turkey Biot Quills

    Turkey Biot Quill is the perfect material to dress segmented bodies on spinners, dry flies, nymphs, and emerger.

    Contiflies White Tipped Turkey Tail

    The large size of Turkey feathers permits the tying of large traditional salmon patterns. The speckled feathers is the correct wing material for the famous original Muddler Minnow, while. the range of Turkey coloration lends itself to sedge wings, stonefly and other wing cases, grass hoppers etc.

    Ewing Wooly Bugger Packs

    With these Ewing Wooly Bugger packs you get many feathers for multiple purpose. Use the feathers for hackles on the Wooly bugger fly, and for hackles on your coastal flies. They are also often used as body hackles on salmon flies.

    Feathermaster Hen Cape Natural Med Dun

    Hen neck capes make the irreplaceable, basic material for making soft hackles, tails and wings of wet flies, nymphs as well as streamers well operating in water. They have great feathers for making matuka streamers.

    Fly Co Peacock Swords

    Peacock sword is a brilliant green iridescent material that can be tied into many nymph and streamer patterns.

    Piscari Knotted Pheasant Tails

    Perfect Natural knotted Pheasant tails. Used for hoppers, Dabblers and other emerger flys on lakes and Bank venues. Among other

    Piscari Mallard Neck Feather Devaux Brown

    Mallard Neck Feathers are popular in tying world due to main color which is brown. On some feathers small light cream spots are present . The feathers suits perfect for making wings for sedge flies.

    Piscari Mallard Wing Butcher Blue

    Mallard Duck Wing Quills Blue White Tip (Butcher Blues) - As used for the wing on the Butcher fly. 8 per pack

    Piscari Peacock Herl

    Peacock Herl is a very common material used in thousands of modern and traditional patterned flies, very good quality with plenty of flue.

    Veniard Blue Jay Wing Hackles

    Veniard Blue Jay Wing Hackles - These are fine quality blue jay wing hackles which are know for their blue barred effect often used in many trout / sea trout flies and classic salmon flies.

    Veniards Peacock Blue Neck

    Peacock Gold Body Feathers: Fancy feather that can brighten up any fly! Peacock Blue Neck Feathers: First wound as a hackle on the sea trout pattern the goats toe.


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