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    Hends Black Hen Capes

    Hends Hen Capes are soft and used mostly for tying spiders, emergers and lake lures. Feathers are not long, have naturally soft barbs and represent good value.

    Swiss CDC

    Just like the name says, these are exclusive feathers, each one of them hand selected! Only well-trained and dependable personnel are allowed to select these feathers. The result is of such superior quality that it has become a firm favourite of world-famous fly tiers. You too can make wonderful flies with our “Super Select” feathers. You don’t have to stop at dry flies either, CDC nymphs are also very successful. Every feather of the pack is useable, so this raw material pays for itself.

    Wapsi Calf Body Hair White

    Individual tails have short crinkly hairs. Commonly used for wings on dry flies (Wulff's Trudes. parachutes posts, etc. or wings on wet flies). Calf tail hair is an essential material for tying split-wing dry flies such as Wulffs, bonefish fly patterns, and smaller trout flies requiring finer, more crinkly hair than bucktail.

    4B Whiting hen capes

    Super value genetic hen necks from whiting, soft and easy to use, perfect for wet flies.

    54 Dean St CDC Super Select

    CDC Super Select feathers have unusual water resistant properties. This makes them invaluable feathers for tying dry flies, emerger, and even

    Almost Monkey – Black

    The FlyCo Almost Monkey is great substitute for monkey hair in bigger salmon flies like Sunray Shadows.    The FlyCo Almost

    Bann Valley Bucktail Medium

    Top quality material, perfect for all of your fly tying needs. 1 tail per packet  

    Bann Valley Genetic Hackles – Metz Necks

    Our genetic hackles are selected from some of the world’s best genetic farms. We select and dye these hackles to

    Bann Valley Saddle Hackle

    Our genetic hackles are selected from some of the world’s best genetic farms. We select and dye these hackles to


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