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Soldarini Wormstasy Chenille

Wormstasy Chenille is the perfect material for tying extremely effective worm imitations. This light chenille material will move very temptingly

100% Pure Acetone

Ideal for thinning varnishes and resins and cleaning application brushes

4B Whiting hen capes

Super value genetic hen necks from whiting, soft and easy to use, perfect for wet flies.

54 Dean St CDC Super Select

CDC Super Select feathers have unusual water resistant properties. This makes them invaluable feathers for tying dry flies, emerger, and even

54 Dean St Cottarelli Hackle Twister Tool

The HACKLES TWISTING TOOL by Cottarelli is an economic and functional tool, through which you can obtain small tufts of

Adhesive Synthetic Foil

 2.00 22.00
An adhesive fine diameter synthetic foil perfect for tying Perdigone nymph bodies, flash back bodies for your Nymphs & wet

Ahrex FW500 Size 10 – Traditional Dry

Ahrex FW500 – Dry Fly Traditional is a classic looking dry fly hook with all the features you want from a

Ahrex HR420 progressive double

AHREX HR420 – Progressive Double Nickel  

Ahrex HR424 – Lowwater Double

AHREX HR424 Hooks – Classic Lowwater Double  


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