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    Airflo Super Dri Pro Fly Line

    The Super Dri range of lines from Airflo are designed to be among the highest floating on the market, the

    Airflo Superdri Lakepro WF7 Fishing Line

    Think how high your line floats, then think higher, then higher again, and you're just getting there! Thanks to the new Super Dri coating, these lines float higher, shoot easier, last longer and lift off with minimal disturbance, making them super stealthy. One cast, and you won't go back. Specifically designed for fishing on stillwaters, the Lake Pro line uses Airflo's proven Delta line taper, ideal for tangle free casts at distance, even with teams of multiple flies.

    Airflo 40+ Custom Booby Special Custom Cut Fly Line

    The Airflo Forty Plus Booby Special Fly Line is a special, custom cut fly line that is designed to produce

    Airflo Beach Intermediate Line

    Airflo Beach/Surf lines have been developed for sea-run cutthroat trout, striped bass, halibut and other cold water species foraging along

    Airflo Euro Nymph Line

    AIRFLO SLN EURO NYMPH 0.60MM FLY LINES This .60mm line combines suppleness with incredibly low stretch for superb performance and

    Airflo Forge Floating Fly Line

    The Airflo Forge floating line is an excellent fly line at a price level that won’t break the bank.

    Airflo Forty Plus Expert

    There’s always someone who wants to cast even further – for those guys we developed Forty Plus Expert. ­It’s like

    Airflo Rage Kit floating 9/10

    The kit contains a Rage floating shooting head, Super Dri Ridged running line and three 12’ tips looped both ends

    Airflo Ridge Clear Delta WF6/7 Fast Int

    When it comes to stealth and keeping yourself, as well as your fly line hidden from spooky fish, we’ve got

    Airflo Ridge Delta Clear Fast Int Fly Line

    Providing anglers with the ultimate stealth line, the Airflo Ridge Pure Delta Clear Fly Line is completely translucent and blends

    Airflo Sixth Sense Floating Lines

    Probably the most popular range of fly lines in the UK today, the Sixth Sense range from Airflo is the

    Airflo Sixth Sense Lake Taper Fly Line

    From the creators of density compensation technology, low stretch cores and a standardised sink rate system comes this brand new


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