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Traper 4-Sided Fly Box

Perfect waterproof 4-sided fly box. Nicely cut slots for nymphs and drys, amongst other flys.

Traper Bushido Swivel with Snap

High quality swivels with a strong and easy to open snap. Size 6 10 pcs per pack

Traper Carp Cap Torch

The perfect flashlight for every night trip. Flashlight equipped with 5 ultra bright LEDs. Highly energy-saving flashlight, thanks to which you will

Traper Drop Bite Indicators

Foam aerodynamically shaped strike indicators. Buoyant and highly visible. Easy to attach and remove from leader. Easy to move up and down leader to adjust line depth. Will not kink or damage leader line.

Traper Expert Lamp

Perfect handy carry lamp for bank fishing, beach fishing, pier fishing or from a boat. Given off a great light and long lasting.
  • 36 LEDS
  • POWER SUPPLY 4 x R20 (batteries not included).

Traper Fishing Buffs

The multifunctional scarf is a perfect complement to the outfit. Can be used as a neck and head warmer. We can cover the mouth and nose with it in the annoying chill. Flexible, soft and pleasant to the touch fabric tightly adheres and covers the body. The minimal dimensions of the scarf allow it to fit easily into the smallest pocket of our vest.

Traper Floating Glasses Lanyard

Lanyard was made of soft EVA foam. It is covered elastic polyester. The double sliding ring is used for adjustment. For attachment frame of glasses is use soft, anti slip tubing. Thanks to the lanyard is floated so glasses are protected from sinking.

Traper Fly T-Shirt

The ART T-shirts were specially designed for TRAPER, by famous artist and fly fisherman Jakub Malarz. High quality of the imprint and 160g cotton guarantee long term usage.

Traper Grayling Landing Net

A very light and handy landing net with an aluminum frame and a cork handle. A soft, perlon net with great depth, perfectly protects the fish from falling out. We recommend this landing net to fly fishermen, competing players and for everyday recreational fishing.  DIMENSIONS: 50 X 40 X 40 cm

Traper GST Bi-Colour Indicator

Japanese, competition line with very high parameters. It is characterized by extraordinary softness and stretchiness, which ensures a safe and successful haul. Very clear, cut off transitions between the two fluo colors - yellow and pink - make the line perfectly visible regardless of the light and the weather. Perfect for the string method.

Traper GST Secret Lake Fly Line

The competitor's line series developed by European and World Champions – members of the Polish National Team. It is purposed for still water fishing. Lines of all sink rates have the same grey colour and an orange marker. The sink rate is laser printed on the head. Using the same colour of the line regardless the sink rate enables to keep the depth of fishing in secret and gives some advantage over the other competitors.

Traper GST Triple Secret Lake Fly Line

The floating line made in the RIDGE technology, developed by European and World Champions – members of the Polish National Team. Each line has got three sections with various sink rate and is purposed for fishing from the bank and from the boat anchored by the bank. the line construction ensures full control and constant touch with the fly. All the lines have the grey head and yellow running, regardless the laser marked sink rate, what enables to keep the depth of fishing in secret and gives some advantage over the other competitors.


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