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Soldarini Wormstasy Chenille

Wormstasy Chenille is the perfect material for tying extremely effective worm imitations. This light chenille material will move very temptingly

Soldarini Bicolour Competition Tapered Leaders

Bicolour Tapered Leader For nymphs and dry flies Length: 12ft & 15ft Multicolour (orange/yellow) No Stretch No Memory  

Soldarini Camou Leader

 5.30 5.50
Tapered Camou Leader (0.50 mm butt section). For nymphs and dry flies Length: 12 ft. (3,65 m) Multicolored (black, green,

Soldarini Camou Line

Soldarini’s Camou Line is the perfect monofilament to tie your own leaders. Due to its low stretch, high resistance and

Soldarini Classic Tapered Leader

 5.50 5.80
Soldarini Classic Extra-strong invisible Tapered Leader with ceramic power technology. Stocked in 9ft and 12ft variations. Diameter Variants (mm): 0.12mm

Soldarini Czech Nymph Drop Indicator

 8.00 9.00
Resin drop indicator buoyant, very sensitive and suitable for short techniques nymphing. The number of drops helps increase accuracy in

Soldarini European Nymphing Tapered Leader

A series of finals specially designed for modern nymph and conical fishing techniques help to precise and delicate poses. All

Soldarini Fluorocarbon S Power Elite Competition

 13.50 15.00
Details: High-quality Fluorocarbon 38% higher knot strength Nearly invisible in the water column Slightly sinking High knot strength High abrasion

Soldarini Fluorocarbon S Power Tippet

High-quality Fluorocarbon Nearly invisible in the water column Slightly sinking High knot strength High abrasion resistance Material: 100% Fluorocarbon Large

Soldarini Italian Blend Dubbing

Soldarini Italian Blend Dubbing, a construction material that gives it an extraordinary gloss, combined with malleability, that allows you to

Soldarini Microspiral Indicator

New nymph leader where colors are marked every 5-8 cm of orange-yellow fluorescent colors.  Leader is totally memory free.


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