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Mikado 10.5cm Sicario Lures

Realistic look, intense tail action and well-pronounced quivering of the body make the Sicario soft lure deadly effective for multiple different kinds of predators. Smaller sizes will attract perch and zander; larger ones will surely get you a pike.  

Mikado ABM 313 Rig Box

Medium-sized boxes made of durable transparent plastic. Designed to store a set of accessories for one particular method of fishing. Usually transported and stored in fishing bags or bigger boxes. They are equipped with movable compartments, which allows to rearrange the space according to your needs. Can be adjusted separately to each single wobbler or spoon. Mostly used by anglers to segregate spinning lures. Also recommended for storage of lead olives, floats or swivels.

Mikado Camping Lamp

Camping light with a hanger and strong diodes spreading the light around to increase the visibility in a lit room. Powered with 4 x AA batteries.

Mikado Chest Waders

Lightweight waders made of nylon finished with a rubber boot with a rough sole. All seams are taped and secured against leakage.

Mikado Double Sided Tackle Box

Very practical, two-sided lure and accessories box, made of strong plastic with sturdy latches. Transparent finish allows to easily locate trinkets; adjustable compartments enable individual arrangement.

Mikado Electronic Weighing Scales – 40kg

The Electronic Fishing Scale from Mikado can weigh fish up to a maximum of 40kg. It features an On/Off Switch, a Unit button to change the weight and clear button

Mikado Fishing Gloves

Great angling gloves made for angling in cooler seasons. Made of top-quality neoprene fabric, soft and comfortable. They provide thermal comfort to palms, recommended especially during winter angling sessions.

Mikado Fishunter Pencil Wobblers

They attract predators by creating strong hydro acoustic wave, special colour, sound of metal balls. Fish Hunter wobblers are produced from especially hardened foam. Designed by spinning professionals, tested in all European waters.

Mikado Floating Cavalier Wobblers

Cavalier is a four-centimetre-long wobbler with a very aggressive and well transferred to the rod, action; it sinks down to two meters deep. Will work great for pike, perch, trout, chub and ide. F-floating / aggressive | Length (mm) : 40 | Weight (g) : 3.6 | Diving (m) : 2

Mikado Floating Cha Cha Wobbler

Cha-Cha is our solution for enthusiasts of impressive strikes from the surface. That popper has all the features that we expect from a lure of that type - it is loud, goes far and effectively lures predators feeding in top layers of water. 60mm

Mikado Floating Fishunter Duende Wobblers

Duende is a small wobbler made for angling for fish such as chub, ide perch and trout. Immersion depth of

Mikado Floating Fishunter Glimmer Wobblers

Glimmer is another one of our wobblers that will work great when trolling for large pike and spectacular catfish. Significant immersion depth, aggressive action and bulky body make it a perfect weapon for spectacular fish from deep water.


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