What's New

Whats New

Devaux DVX Initial Kit

For starters. The Devaux DVX Izi fly fishing kit for beginners with a semi-parabolic action rod. It is available in three lengths

100% Pure Acetone

Ideal for thinning varnishes and resins and cleaning application brushes

4B Whiting hen capes

Super value genetic hen necks from whiting, soft and easy to use, perfect for wet flies.

54 Dean St CDC Super Select

CDC Super Select feathers have unusual water resistant properties. This makes them invaluable feathers for tying dry flies, emerger, and even

Adhesive Synthetic Foil

 2.00 22.00
An adhesive fine diameter synthetic foil perfect for tying Perdigone nymph bodies, flash back bodies for your Nymphs & wet

Ahrex FW500 Size 10 – Traditional Dry

Ahrex FW500 – Dry Fly Traditional is a classic looking dry fly hook with all the features you want from a

Ahrex HR420 progressive double

AHREX HR420 – Progressive Double Nickel  

Ahrex HR424 – Lowwater Double

AHREX HR424 Hooks – Classic Lowwater Double  


Ahrex HR440 – Tube Double – strong and reliable. Simply one of the best on the market. Short shank, strong

AHREX HR450 Tube Treble

Ahrex HR450 – Tube Treble treble carries a stinger design with needle eye. Tube trebles are a standard in many

Airflo 40+ Custom Booby Special Custom Cut Fly Line

The Airflo Forty Plus Booby Special Fly Line is a special, custom cut fly line that is designed to produce

Airflo Airtex Pro Bib and Brace

The Airflo Airtex Pro bib and brace trousers will keep you dry and warm, giving you the confidence to fish

Airflo Beach Intermediate Line

Airflo Beach/Surf lines have been developed for sea-run cutthroat trout, striped bass, halibut and other cold water species foraging along

Airflo Competitor Fly Box

 32.00 34.00
The new Airflo COMPETITOR high impact lightweight plastic fly box boasts a 100% waterproof construction, suitable for both competition and

Airflo Delta Classic Trout Rods

 80.00 100.00
Available in 10′ #6/7 weighting 5.04oz and 9′ #5/6 weighing 4.16oz   Our award winning Delta Classic fly rods have

Airflo Euro Nymph Line

AIRFLO SLN EURO NYMPH 0.60MM FLY LINES This .60mm line combines suppleness with incredibly low stretch for superb performance and

Airflo Forge Floating Fly Line

The Airflo Forge floating line is an excellent fly line at a price level that won’t break the bank.

Airflo Forty Plus Expert

There’s always someone who wants to cast even further – for those guys we developed Forty Plus Expert. ­It’s like

Airflo Fy Fishing kits

Massively popular this Airflo Fly Fishing Kit fishing rod’s light weight also makes this kit perfect for introducing youngsters to

Airflo Rage Kit floating 9/10

The kit contains a Rage floating shooting head, Super Dri Ridged running line and three 12’ tips looped both ends

Airflo Ridge Delta Clear Fast Int Fly Line

Providing anglers with the ultimate stealth line, the Airflo Ridge Pure Delta Clear Fly Line is completely translucent and blends

Airflo Shield Baseball Cap

The Airflo Shield cap is a traditional full panel cap constructed of soft touch cotton material with a buckle rear

Airflo Sightfre G3 Fluorocarbon

Airflo G3 Fluorocarbon is one of the best selling tippet materials – Available in 100m spools.

Airflo Sightfree G4 Flourocarbon

This 100 % fluorocarbon is almost invisible in water and offers exceptional performance at a price that won’t break the

Airflo Sixth Sense Floating Lines

Probably the most popular range of fly lines in the UK today, the Sixth Sense range from Airflo is the

Airflo Sixth Sense Lake Taper Fly Line

From the creators of density compensation technology, low stretch cores and a standardised sink rate system comes this brand new

Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Lines

WF7/8 – sink 3 in dark green/ aqua green WF7/8 – sink 7 in black/ grey Airflo Sixth sense fly